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    Here me out.

    I could be wrong here but reading their answers and rational behind the Q2 delay contradicts other statements they have made about the exam. Their different messages do not corroborate with each other.

    Statement # 1 –
    Question: Is the CPA Examination scored on a curve?
    Answer: The CPA Examination is NOT curved. Every candidate’s score is entirely
    independent of other candidates’ Examination results.
    The CPA Examination is a criterion-referenced examination which means that it rests upon pre-determined standards. Every candidate’s performance is measured against established standards to determine whether the candidate has demonstrated the level of knowledge and skills that is represented by the passing score. Every candidate is judged against the same standards, and every score is an independent result.

    Also from FB Chat
    Question: NASBA stated that the reason for the extended period of score release for the first quarter is due to “provide sufficient time to statistically validate candidate performance in newly launched exam”
    Does this translate to mean our scores are given related to how other candidates perform on the new exam? If not, why the long wait for the new Exam?
    Answer: The Exam is not scored on a curve and your performance is not related to other candidates.

    Statement # 2 –
    Scores will be released once after the close of those windows (see table below). The score release holds provide sufficient time to statistically validate candidate performance on the next Exam and set the passing score.

    To me I don’t understand how Statement #2 and both of Statement #1 can be true. If I take an exam in April and my score is an independent result and not based how other candidates scored then what is there to “Statistically validate”? If there is a question that 90% of candidates got incorrect and they change the point value or how that specific question will be scored then it is factually true that my score is not independent and does depend on the results of others.

    At the end of the day if it is a 100% true statement that no one else’s performance will impact what my final score and the scoring is done by compute there is zero logical explanations to why I cannot have my score in a few days.

    Honestly I would rather them tell us that they are not going to tell us how the exam is scored, or tell us they are not going to give an explanation as to why the scores are released. But do not play games with us as to why the score release will be delayed. As CPA’s and aspiring CPA’s we are held to a high professional standards and the organization we will be a part of should always portray those same values.

    If I am seeing something wrong please correct me but being misleading is not what I expect of the AICPA.

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    August 2017 - Official CPA?!!!!!

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    The AICPA isn't responsible for determining the 18 month window. Your state is. I read that when I was studying…

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    @Dman1 your point on how long the delayed score releases have been announced is 100% irrelevant. If you passed an exam February 10, 2016, you will have a credit expiring August 10, 2017. This credit will expire before the delayed release, resulting in such candidate only having 5 testing windows opposed to the 6 testing windows that were included in the 18 month window when the candidate signed up to take the exam.

    Get out of here and go handle your more important things you turd!


    I still think everyone should relax a bit. I don't have a crystal ball of course but I have to believe anybody losing a section in Q3 will be given another chance. They're not likely to announce an extension now because they don't want people to decide to just skip q3 entirely and save their NTS for Q4. Historically when they've done anything remotely benevolent it's at the last minute and I wouldn't expect a big announcement until after the Q2 release in August.

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    @nka11692 – I agree with you completely but it's that they don't want people to skip Q1 and Q2 if they knew they would get hey an extension. So scare people into testing in Q1 and Q2 and then extend it after the fact so they can get additional $$$$$$. Guaranteed there were thousands of people who were scared into testing in Q1 just to give it a hailmarry attempt when they knew they weren't ready to test.


    I'd so love to see their monthly p&l lol. I also strongly suspect they'll release q2 scores earlier like in July, pat themselves on the back and proclaim themselves heros.

    Old timer,  A71'er since 2010.

    Finance manager/HR manager



    Licensed Massachusetts Non Reporting CPA since 2012
    Finance/Admin/HR Manager


    A couple of things…

    First – Debate is ok, and welcomed.

    However, accusations and tossing around legal terms…this is not the place for that.

    Second – I got this from the AICPA:

    Examination Scoring

    Examination Scoring FAQs

    Score Release Timeline

    You can complain all day long – but once you start tossing out allegations/accusations … that's different and this is not the venue.


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