Advice on Plan to Finish Exam Before Credit Expires

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    I need some advice on how to approach these next six-ish months.

    My credit for FAR expires on October 4th and I need to pass AUD and REG before then. Thanks to the 10-week waiting period for Q2, it sounds like I am only going to have one more opportunity to take each exam, unless the California Board of Accountancy provides me with an extension. I last took AUD in October 2016 and REG in March 2017. My audit scores are 73 and 71 and my REG score was a 60 on three weeks of studying.

    Assuming the state doesn’t grand the extension:

    Thoughts on taking one exam in Q2 and one in Q3 vs both in Q2? Both in Q2 could potentially give me one final chance to take each exam in Q4, but not likely due to the amount of time it takes to get an NTS. One in Q3 would guarantee that I cannot retake in Q4 since the score would come too late.

    Also, which one first?

    Thanks for any help. I’ve been at this for a year and a half and being presumably shorted a test window as NASBA blames the states is incredibly frustrating.

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    You're short on time – I would double up 2 per window.

    I would also probably take REG first since its your most recent.

    REG - 10/27/2012
    BEC - JAN
    AUD - TBA
    FAR - TBA

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