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    Hi everyone. My first NTS is valid through 6/15 (yes bad scheduling on my part), covering FAR and BEC. However, I have taken both and I would like to take REG next month. Am I going to be able to add REG to my original NTS? Do I have to pay an extra fee? Or should I apply for a new NTS now, even if it overlaps with my original one?


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    GO to, go to the application section. Your NTS for the ones you took is worthless now, however you don't have to pay the $200+ fee again. When you login and apply, it will have all of your application info saved already. You need to apply for the new sections and pay a $70 fee for a new NTS plus the $190 (approx) for each exam. If you apply for your final 2 exams on this new NTS application, the NTS fee will be $80 (not $70) but then you save yourself from spending another $70 in applying for a 3rd NTS later.

    REG- 2/12 - 90 | AUD- 4/12 - 94 | BEC- 5/12- 85 | FAR- 8/12 - 82
    DONE!!! I used Becker Self Study & Ninja Notes/Audio


    thanks so much for the help!

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