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    I am supposed to take my final exam FAR this quarter. I wanted to reschedule the test for March 10 and get the results on March 19. Here is the dilemma, My REG score is set to expire on 03/18/19, one day before the results come out. My question is: since I took the test before the expiration date for REG will I still get credit for it or will I have to retake REG?

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    Steven K

    As long as you sit for FAR and pass it before your REG score expires, you will be safe. (ie. the score release date doesn't matter, only the day that you actually took the exam).

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    Yeah, but my REG expiration date isn't the date I took the test. It is 18 months from the date of the score release.


    I believe it should be 18 months from the date of your exam. The exam info in my account agrees with this idea. It shows the date that I attended and then a status date, which is the score release date. My expiration dates are exactly 18 months after the date I actually sat for the exams.

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    my state board is GUAM and its roughly 18 months from exam date because they push the expiration date to the end of month i.e. you take the exam on 15 March your exam expires 31 September the following year

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