Written Portion for BEC, titles verbatim?

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    I’m wondering if the written portions of BEC require verbatim titles.

    More specifically, if it asks to talk about the components and principles of ERM, and I wrote:

    “The component of Governance and Culture includes a principle of values that are demonstrated and committed”

    Whereas, the literal title of that principle is “Commitment to core values.”

    Would I get points? Hopefully, my question makes sense.

    (I’m trying to memorize the acronyms, but without having the letter of the acronym be the first word, I’m having a hard time memorizing the principle/components/titles etc. verbatim.)

    AUD - 86
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - 86
    REG - NINJA in Training
    AUD and BEC completed, haven't taken REG and BEC
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    I don't think you need to sweat that too much for the written portion. You could gain points on the written portion based on spelling, grammar, structure, etc. without even knowing the answer. Make sure to have an Intro, Body and Conclusion. Your review course should give you plenty of examples on how to structure your written responses. I also strongly suggest that you look at the AICPA practice exam to see examples as well. One tip that I would suggest is that if you have no clue on the answer to the question that they ask, then make sure to use some key words that they ask in the question. If you know how to write and study well enough to know how to answer the MCQ's and SIM's, then you should do more than fine on the written portion. Also, manage your time so that you are able to write a response for each of the questions asked in the written portion because those are free points from my perspective.

    FAR - 78

    BEC - 87

    REG - 82

    AUD - 82

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