Bec written communicatin.. could not write one

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    Hi i just took BEC today and I thought I did pretty good on my exam(like the other exams i passed)
    I wrote down two written commuication pretty well but because i ran out of time, i could not even start on the last one..
    I heard that when 1 written communication is blank, it is extremely hard to pass the exam whether u did great on the other parts…
    Is this true? I wanna know how much it matters

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    There have been stories of people leaving simulations blank and still managing to pass, so I'm sure you can find similar stories to people missing one of the WC portions. I'm not sure that it would be “extremely” hard to pass if you didn't do one WC because it only makes up 15% of the exam. Who knows, that one you did miss could have been a pre-test, so it wouldn't matter anyways.

    End of the day, no one will know for sure. Try not to worry about it too much, and start working on the next one, if there is one, and just wait for score release. Good luck, I look forward to seeing an update to this.

    Edit: Here's another post on this forum discussing the BEC written portions. I hope you can find encouragement with it.

    Did anyone pass BEC without completing all three WC questions?

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    Written communication only makes up 15% so you shouldn't worry about it too much if you did the other parts pretty well. Worst case scenario is you lose 7.5 % if the unwritten portion counts. Hopefully, its just a dummy written portion.

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