BEC is brutal

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    Dears, just now I received my BEC score and I was shocked!. I use Becker , I scored 68 in first mock & 78 in second mock. I can say that I was very prepared for the BEC. I know every little detail in all Becker materials in & out. If you open the book and ask me regarding any question I will answer you immediately. I felt like I’m overprepared but My score in actual is 63 . I passed regulation from first try and I gave both REG & BEC the same amount of studying . That’s really insane BEC which has the highest pass rate and the only one that I felt I’m over prepared, but I scored the lowest score since I started the CPA journey. Maybe I didn’t do well in the sims but how I can improve the sims , I did all Becker sims.

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    BEC is the last exam for me, and FAR is expired now

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    Ninja Albert

    wow this is very devastating and I hope you don't give up, you got this just a drop longer! Im at BEC now any thing you would like to share I have beck's and NINJA.

    Hope you do BEC right away and then get back right at FAR you worked to hard to get to this point in your CPA journey.

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    BEC is a different beast. I hated BEC. I “liked” REG … tax just clicks with my brain better.

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    Except BEC, I passed remaining papers from first attempt. I passed BEC on the third attempt, 73 to 74 and finally 81.

    I mixed becker with ninja on my third attempt and this is my advice to you.


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    Ninja for all the chapters or only IT is enough ?

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    BEC was fortunately easy for me. I enjoyed cost accounting through undergraduate and graduate. What helped me prepare for the SIMs was doing all of them in Becker, including the SkillMaster ones. I got to the point where I was comfortable and confident to complete them start to finish without referring to the material for help.

    If you don't feel the same about the SIMs then I would start there. I made a 72 my first attempt and I knew it was the SIMs and WCs I 80% guessed on. You got this though! I hope I helped!

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 85
    FAR - 82
    REG - 81
    "Be AUDIT you can be"

    CPA in Mississippi.

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