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    Journey to Fate

    Took BEC in feb and got a 70. I felt like I needed a little more and I could have passed. I’m adding the Wiley tb to Becker and ninja notes to help supplement. How do you guys suggest I tackle this? Take notes on all chapters? Research lectures? I have all my notecards ready from last time which is good. Confused on how I should go about this. Advice needed!!!

    BEC- 67, 69

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    Study like you have never seen the material before. Start from the beginning and go through again. BEC can be tricky so check how you did on the written portion. You should almost be guaranteed those 15 points. Assuming you are comparable on WC make sure to hammer home the concepts and work MCQ's like crazy.

    Find your motivation and remember you don't need 5 more points to pass…you need 75 more points!

    Good luck!

    Experience-Got that too

    Used Becker 2013 Self-Study & NINJA 10pt Combo Lite(AUD)

    Journey to Fate

    thanks jsmith!

    i just finished b-1 (Again) and will flow through all the videos this week then it will be nonstop MC for a month straight til my exam!

    I am going for 75 more points, not 5 more!

    BEC- 67, 69


    Im giving BEC another shoot after 71 and 72. My concern is the writing. I'm a good writer and send and receive emails and memos all the time. Both tests I scored poor on the writing. I can't figure it out! Any suggestions?


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