For those who recently passed Bec… pls help.

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    Took the test yesterday, I guessed at least 10 MCQs on the test, all the 3 testlets were moderate/difficult, I didn’t know what I was writing in the 3 WC but I was writing…
    Based on your successful experience, So I still have a chance of passing in my case?

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    I could not tell how I did whatsoever, and passed. Best not to scrutinize it now.


    I took BEC yesterday too. No idea how I did. I agree on the writing part…. I have no idea if any of it was right, but I just wrote whatever to try and make sound good and in a good format.

    • FAR - 79
    • BEC - 71
    • REG - April
    • AUD - May

    I passed with a 79. Honestly was shocked I did that well. My 1st testlet was decent, 2nd was a bit harder, flagged my guesses on 3rd and had guessed on 10-12 Qs. I did crush the 3 WCs though. I allotted a full 45 mins for them with 15 mins each and I had full, well organized responses (lol I thought). But then again it's only 15% of your score soo… I'd say don't lose hope. But more importantly, don't dwell on the past. This is a marathon, not a sprint and your focus needs to stay on the part you're currently studying for now.

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    FAR - 71
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    A - TBD 4/1

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    F - 71 1/17


    Bec used to be the most failed exam before they added the writing portion. The writing porting only helps doesn't hurt.

    Yes you have a good chance if you only guessed 10 questions out of 72.


    You absolutely have a good chance of passing. I knew walking out that I got around 6 questions wrong (after checking my notes), guessed on 3 or 4 questions, and I scored weaker on two sections (economic concepts and IT) on my score report and comparable overall on multiple choice. The writing portion seems like free points, I totally blew the answer to the second problem and still scored stronger on that part of the exam. I think there's a good chance that you passed.

    AUD - 89
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 80
    REG - 78
    Free af

    Ethics - 90


    I passed with an 86 and walked out feeling good. I honestly thought the exam was the easiest one I've taken but I also was familiar with the WC topics and the MC seemed fairly straight forward.

    Everyone struggles with different things though. I absolutely think you have a good chance of passing. Those 10 that you guessed on could have have 7 pretest questions mixed in for all you know..

    AUD - 96
    BEC - 86
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    PETH - 92
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    I absolutely had no idea what BS I had pulled out of my *** for the WC but when I was finished, I just thought, does this even make sense? NOPE, but do I have a better answer to these? NOPE. Okay I guess I'm done.

    I walked out of BEC feeling like **** because compared to REG and FAR Sims, at least I don't need to remember everything to actually get the answer, but with BEC, I had to remember and form a coherent response.

    We all don't exactly know how the exam is graded because there was no way in **** that I got 75% correct on all the exams I have took and passed. Just remember that all said is done and just pray (I'm not religious, but still) that everything would be all right.

    You can look at a glass and say that is half empty, but rather, it would be best to say its half full.

    Never say never.

    Aud - 78 - 8/29/2017

    Bec - 85 - 2/11/2017

    Far - 85 - 11/29/2016

    Reg - 82 - 1/14/2017


    Absolutely! BEC was my last exam. Walked out thinking I had failed it… scored an 88.

    FAR - 91
    REG - 88
    AUD - 98
    BEC - 88


    hang in there! When I walked out of my BEC retake I wanted to punch somebody I was so upset. My questions all seemed ludicrous- my third testlett was so simple if felt like they were asking me to add 1+1, and I had ZERO clue on my writing topics, like seriously zero- one I didn't even understand what they wanted me to write on and the other two were on esoteric FAR subject matter. I was BEYOND shocked when I got my passing score- I didn't think there was any way possible I had passed… especially compared to the first time I took it and i walked out thinking “I NAILED THAT”- and failed…. you never know. So yes you have a shot…

    And they ask me why I drink

    BEC 71, 82
    AUD 75
    REG 75
    FAR 61, 69, 83

    and they ask me why I drink...

    FAR- 61-next time I'll ask for lube instead of a calculator
    REG-75- Never been so happy to see such a low grade
    BEC- 8/11
    AUD- 9/2


    Lol, CPA exam grading is weird. I took my BEC yesterday and it made me depressed. So different from my study material and so tricky – not straight forward. Hope I will be lucky as you guys.


    I just passed BEC with a 79. My first testlet was difficult and took me awhile. But I was lucky and was graced with a pretty easy 2nd testlet and not so difficult SIMS. My writing was mostly guesswork but if you use the right buzzwords and proofread your work, you should be good.

    AUD - 78

    FAR - 53, 85

    BEC - 79

    REG - 77

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