BEC passed :)

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    SO excited that I passed BEC with a safe score. I used Becker and went over these material several times. Even though a lot of topics in the exam I never seen in Becker, Becker is fair enough for passing the exam. The process of preparing the exam is nightmare, but as long as you keep on it and never give up, you will beat it.

    I am working full time as a cost accountant. I have to study after work and I am also a master accounting student. I spent 1 and half month to prepare the exam.

    Thanks another71:)

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    FYI, there is an “I passed BEC thread”.

    Studying with Wiley Review, Wiley Test Bank, Ninja Audio.
    Retakes with Ninja MCQ only...awesome!
    Far - 1/28 72, 7/22 79
    Aud - 2/28 70, 8/14 83
    Bec - 4/10 80
    Reg - 5/30 64, 7/2 82

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