Memorizing BEC Formulas?

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    Are the ratio formulas given on the test, especially in SIMS? Or do I really have to memorize like 30+ sets of formulas?

    If someone has taken BEC recently can help me out, that would be great!!

    Thank you in advance!

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    I am studying for BEC rn. From what I have seen on the CPA forums, they usually give you the ratios unless its a MC problem. There are some tips for memorizing them just in case.

    Turnover ratios: INV= COGS/ Avg Inv

    Days in INV: Ending Inv/ (COGS/365)

    Return on Assets: Net income/ Avg Assets

    Its all about understanding the relation between the accounts in each ratio, and the purpose behind the ratio itself. If you can grasp the relationships then you will be able to remember them with ease.


    write the formula on flashcards and look at them when you sit on the toilet. Guaranteed you will get them imprinted on your brain.

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    Thanks guys!

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    It's an accrual world for us CPA Candidates.

    Do not waste your time memorizing formulas. As said above, the sims give you the formulas. Most of the formula names tell you exactly what they are. It is more important to understand the big picture concepts. I'd spend time on COSO and IT and then brush up on any other weak areas.

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    Heres what worked for me:
    – Buy yourself a couple of note pads and index cards.
    – Make flashcards of the testable formulas. I had over 70+ flashcards.
    – Rewrite all the formulas multiple times on your note pads. Every night before I went to bed I picked 10 formulas to focus on and I rewrote them about 3 times. Do this until you finish all 70 formulas. Then start over again.

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    When I took BEC last quarter, I was kicking myself for not memorizing the formulas for the MC portion…SIMs were fine and formulas are usually provided for those. But the specific formulas that were needed for the MC portion, I easily mixed up because I hadn't focus on memorizing them (I had assumed formulas would only be needed for SIMs…I was wrong lol). After the test, I realized I had mixed up at least 2 different problems because I mixed up the numerator/denominator…could have made the difference between my 72 and a passing score! So definitely don't underestimate them. If you know the basic format of turnover ratios/etc., you should be good! Retaking BEC on Saturday…fingers crossed for all of us!

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