Just took BEC… Don’t sit this window if you dont have to

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    I studied for 2 months and a half for BEC minimum 5 hours daily every single day. I went through the text book several times, watched every video, went through all the MCQ in wiley and I am actually pissed at how hard they made that test was.

    There was no mercy on the MCQs. It destroyed my time. That is my main complaint. I got 90s on the practice exams on wiley in this area btw. The sims were okay one of them I left blank no amount of studying would have made me get it right. The WC’s are what they are hopefully I got points for them.

    I passed FAR and AUD thus far and without a doubt BEC was the hardest exam of the three. Definitely failed.

    Bottom line is that I studied very very hard for ths exam and feel defeated by it.I feel like my time was waisted studying with wiley. Going to use ninja mcq and another test bank till next time bt wow that test was hard.

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    From what you've indicated, I think you passed. I failed BEC the first time with a 74 and felt I had prepared way more for that than when I took and passed AUD with a 78 on the first attempt. BEC is tough. During the retake, I had about 10 minutes total for 3 essays and probably had the lowest point you can get for essays without leaving it blank. I drafted about 2-3 sentences per essay. I passed with a 79. You're not going to feel comfortable walking out of these exams. I just passed REG and I literally felt like I missed all of the SIMS. Didn't even feel all that great about MCQs. I only knew that I got the authoritative literature correct. The SIMS destroyed me and I felt like I should just walk out of the exam room cause there was no way I was going to pass if I completely bombed 40-50% of the exam. I ended up with a 79. There's more wiggle room in these exams than you think.

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 74, 79
    REG - 79
    FAR - 74, 81

    Maybe I shouldn't have made my username "Club74"


    too late. took in 1q failed in 1q. hopefully 2q has better results


    It's like that every quarter BEC is weird sometimes it matches what you studied and sometimes it doesn't.

    AUD - 64, 80 Passed on 10/09/17

    BEC - 75 Passed on 12/09/17

    FAR - 69, 71, 73, 83 Passed on 06/10/18

    REG - 81 Passed on 09/10/17


    I'm going to take BEC in 4 weeks and I use Wiley. I hope you passed, good luck! “Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all”

    FAR - 73, 78 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 50 SIMs)
    AUD - 73, 81 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 40 SIMs)
    BEC - 71, 71, 74, 84 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 10 SIMs)
    REG - 84 (WileyCPAexcel 2,000 MCQs, 15 SIMs)

    CA Ethics Exam - 94%



    I'm taking it the 24th. This report is concerning since I used Willey. Which topics need to be stressed?

    AUD - 89
    BEC - 89
    FAR - 83
    REG - 80
    "Real business is done on paper" -- Michael Scott

    Just wanted to point out – just because you got more conceptual questions in your second testlet doesn't mean you did badly on the first testlet. That happened to me with FAR and REG both, and I ended up passing. REG especially – I was CONVINCED that the 2nd testlet got easier. It's my highest score of the 4. So don't count yourself out.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 79
    REG - 86

    FAR - PASSED 11/14
    AUD - TBD
    BEC - TBD
    REG - First take 2/16


    very true. Good luck to you!


    Ive already taken BEC 6 times, its definitely an underestimated exam. Ive noticed the trend. If the MCQ questions arent so difficult, sims come out very difficult. If MCQs are difficult, sims arent as difficult. The bottom line is every quarter is hell if not prepared adequately

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 80
    REG - 77
    FAR 80

    REG 79*,77

    AUD 78!!Final

    BEC 76

    "Theres no limit unless you allow it"



    BEC is a weird exam. You probably passed if you did well on the MCQs. I spent more time on BEC than any other exam since I didn’t want to not pass with it being my final exam section. I will say 2.5mo is over kill. I recommend GLEIM if you need to retake the exam. I used it and passed all 4 parts on first try. GLEIM was definitely much harder than the actual exam for BEC (and REG) and I felt prepared when I went through the questions. Keep your chin up and Good luck!

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 80
    REG - 82

    Ethics Exam - 90%
    Licensed CPA in CA


    I took BEC last Saturday for the 4th time and it never gets easier. I spent 4 weeks studying, doing mcqs and sims. I felt really prepared but walked out in tears.. You can never predict your score on these exams. I took REG in 2.5 hours, half asleep, and still passed. In my mind, I was going to fail and wanted to just get it over with, so I didn’t overthink the questions and did what I could. So don’t worry too much, enjoy your little time off from studying and good luck to everyone!

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 73
    FAR - 78
    REG - 84
    "Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle"

    how would you rank this quarters exam to your other attempts? This was my first attempt and im curious if I just sat in a tough quarter or this section is going to be my major battle.

    Mujahid_ Abu Dahda

    BEC was brutal for me yesterday. I should have listened to your advice but hell no! I had already scheduled the test and was determined to take it. I was scoring between 85 to 95% with my review test but that did not show up yesterday. I hardly got an answer correct (at least in my thoughts) and was literally struggling to move to the next question. The SIMS were brutal to me and could not figure out how they could bring a two page risk question in the SIMS. With the time remaining ,there was no way I could figure the correct risk responses without leaving the WC out. I had about 45 mins to do the WC questions. Hopefully I get some points there to cover up for the MCQ and SIMS that i did poorly.
    Overall, I didn't feel like my 2.5 months of study really helped. I would have sat to the test without reading that much!! I pray that I pass.Success to all of us that sat this qtr!
    I join all those that said BEC was hard. It really hard when taking the test although the study might seem easy, comparable to other tests.
    Can the WC really make a difference in your score to pass BEC? It seems thats the only area I'M really confident about. Best of luck to us all!!


    If you answered everything, you have a good chance to pass. 2 weeks before my exam… Should I study well COSO, IT and cost accounting?

    FAR - 73, 78 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 50 SIMs)
    AUD - 73, 81 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 40 SIMs)
    BEC - 71, 71, 74, 84 (WileyCPAexcel 3,000+ MCQs, 10 SIMs)
    REG - 84 (WileyCPAexcel 2,000 MCQs, 15 SIMs)

    CA Ethics Exam - 94%



    To me BEC is definitely harder than FAR & REG which I passed both on the 1st try. I dont know if it is because I've been demotivated to study or the material is actually hard. When I listen to Becker lectures, they seem easy and common sense at first, but once I do the MCQs, it's a totally different story. The questions are just tricky. Ugh!!! Anyway, I have a question. Do we have to memorize all of the ratios or they're provided during the exam like how when you do Becker SIMS. There's an “analytics definitions” for you to check the ratio formulas.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 88
    FAR - 85
    REG - 81

    In the middle of testlet number 2 I was thinking about getting up and walking out, thats how bad I thought I did. If I passed, It will be the most shocking revelation of my life. I guess there is a chance only because the last sim I had plus the WCs I think I got right but legit that is the only thing on the test I thought I did well. Im guessing I did 45-50% on the MC and one simulation I picked random answers. Hopefully I get my score tommorow , Ill post my grade

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