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    To put in a very mild way : FML F*** this exam and the same goes towards me. Sorry I guess this is another rant similar to Kricket’s except shorter in words. I swear to god, this exam is so bad I cant even describe it in words. Its almost as if I didnt study for it at all 🙁

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    What did you use to study? If Becker, what did you get on the practice exams?

    AUD----92 5/31/12
    FAR----92 7/3/12
    RED----85 8/3/12
    BEC----?? 8/29/12


    BEC is so dirty, especially if your borderline. They make you wait an extra week. Most of the time after this extra week you fail.

    Reg 4/18/12 78
    Far 7/30/12 74, 74, 75
    Bec 11/11/12 74, 78
    Aud TBD 51, 71, XX


    Hey DavidB1990,

    I think a lot of us feel like that after one of these exams, and a lot of those folks end up passing. So wait and see, might be pleasantly surprised

    BECky - DONE
    AUDry - DONE
    REGgie - November 2012
    FARah- TBD


    @DavidB1990 i took it today too, it was really brutal man. a lot of things i thought would show up on the exam but didnt. did you at least get the calculations right? i had to guss on 2 but the other ones i think i got em right


    you guys are making me so friggen nervous

    AUD - 2/27/12 - 76
    REG - 5/31/12 - 78
    BEC - 8/31/12 - 77
    FAR - 12/6/12 - 76


    What did you use for study materials for IT? I keep hearing Becker is not up to par on IT. I'm using NIU CPA review and so far they have been very good on every section. I'm using their IT for BEC as well as the IT I have from their AUD section (except for the IT internal controls details which I don't think are necessary).

    NIU CPA Review Correspondence is awesome!

    I passed all four sections on the first attempt


    Nobody reads the stickies.


    Sigh…I used Becker and there were things on this exam I never read in the book or heard the instructors talk about.

    For the calculations, they happened to give me the ones that I wasnt good at, and I was so surprised after reading everyone's comments about how a small portion of their exams were calculations. I had at least 35% – 40% calculations it felt like. I guessed on more than half because I either was running low on time or bc I had no idea what to do.

    I wish scores would show up right after the exam so we knew right away P or F.

    I also wish there were no windows and limitations to number of times we could take parts per window.

    Anyone have some good anger management techniques to share?

    Just to make it clear Im blaming myself not the exam, blaming the exam is just a sorry excuse, and im trying to be above that, but I feel like I have knots inside of me that need to be stretched out and anger that has to be expelled in a healthy manner.


    I hit the gym when I'm angry. I usually get good pumps. Last year I was angry a lot at school and ended up gaining 25lbs in 6 months.

    NIU CPA Review Correspondence is awesome!

    I passed all four sections on the first attempt


    In all actuality, if I definitely bombed the second testlet, do I have any hope of passing? (Bc im pretty sure I did bomb it, considering I had no clue what I was doing and the third testlet was much simpler)


    Haha David, same thing happened to me. The second testlet rocked me and then all of a sudden the third was much easier. oy!!

    REG - 5/21/2012 - 85
    FAR - 7/24/2012 - 86
    BEC - 8/27/2012 - 85
    AUD - 10/5/2012 - 72....rematch 1/3/13 (waiting)


    Hey David,

    I'm taking BEC tomorrow. So far it's by far the hardest for me to study for. Any advice on how to approach my last day of review?

    Any chapters to focus on? Also I know you said there were a lot of calculations in BEC compared to other people who said they didn't have many. However, were your calculations more simple then Becker's? Beckers were so ridiculously complicated while other people said the calculations on the exam were more simple.

    FAR - 7/19/2012 - 95
    REG - 8/2/2012 - 91
    AUD - 8/15/2012 - 97
    BEC - 8/31/2012 - 90


    I just got back. . .SAME FRIGGIN THING!!!!!


    My last testlet was easier too. . .not awesome. I'm trying to stay positive and think maybe it's because everything I knew was in that testlet since the 1st 2 were a mystery 🙂

    AUD - 80
    BEC - 83
    FAR - 87
    REG - 65, 77 5/28/13

    *Good-bye Social Life. . .Hello CPA*


    @nimmle02 im sure you will be fine based on your previous exam scores. As for me, I can only pray that I pass.

    @Kcoolby, the calculations were simpler than the humungous 5 step Becker questions, but if you look at the Becker homework questions, the ones that are AICPA released, the ones on Becker were much easier than the ones I encountered yesterday which was very shocking.

    I was basically cursing myself while taking the exam yesterday. Maybe a small small part of what made it hard for me was the pressure of the exam being a real exam. But I doubt thats really why I had issues.

    Basically focus on every chapter. I hated studying for it and Ill hate it again if I have to study again. IT and COSO yada yada but the questions I got on both IT and COSO were not on Becker. so the jokes on me.

    GL and try your best, all you can do

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