Feelings After BEC?

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    Has anyone taken BEC and felt that they did not do well on an entire testlet of MCQs and still end up passing? Everything else seemed average.

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    I have read people say that they felt they bombed and then find out later they got a 90. Hoping for the same miracle hahaha

    I took it yesterday and the exam I took was gangster. I went in deep on economics and financial management. I spent a good 2 weeks covering those topics alone, maybe a little more. First, there were very few questions on economics so I was bummed. Lots on Financial but the questions were tricky. They were time intensive and tricky. It took me an hour and 10 min to complete first booklet. I also had a lot of ops mgmt. questions. I covered that topic in the last week, I just ran out of study time so I did what I could. I'm not entirely confident on my ops mgmt. performance. and IT, good lord IT. I didn't really cover that topic. I skimmed through it.


    I think there were two main versions of the exam.. my friend took it few days before me and had sims on econ… i had almost nothing on econ, maybe 1-2 questions. thats bs cuz they put it in the blueprint!!! when i told her what i had on the test she was shocked. i think her sims were lighter.. idk if it has anything to do with how you do on mcqs or not but she also mention lot of coso.. i had some but mostly cost/fin mgt calcs, same on sims.

    It seems like a never-ending nightmare 🙁

    FAR - 80

    AUD - 78

    REG - 76

    BEC - 56 (April 2019); CREDIT (September 2019)




    My first Testlet was “hard” in terms of material, but I think I did pretty well on it since I spent over 2 months studying. But man, I can see some people flagging 15+ questions in that testlet alone. 2nd Testlet was the easiest I've ever had, but was filled with IT and more stuff others likely didn't cover greatly in detail.

    But gosh, when they want to test something they don't think you know, they go hard at it don't they? This was my third exam, and they asked about 8+ questions that was only covered in maybe a paragraph or 2 pages max in the study material. With this test, it was Scenario Analysis, with Reg, it was International Taxation, with AUD, barely any actual “AUDIT” related questions, but it was never ending compilation questions. Go figure.

    I cannot recall one single Econ question. The only Econ related question mentioned elasticity and even that fed into a Cost Accounting question. If I had to estimate, I'd say my two testlets were 40% Cost Accounting/Budgeting 30% COSO and 30% IT. My SIMs were straight up from hell. Harder than AUD and REG by far. Smacked with what felt like a 3 page long budgeting and variance question first, and then another DuPont Model with some bond valuation thrown in there. Literally the worse. I guess they felt bad for me afterwards and gave me SWOT and some easy ratio analysis'

    Either got an 80+ or a 65-70

    AUD - 76
    BEC - 81
    FAR - 81
    REG - 77
    This too shall pass...

    I felt terrible afterwards. Absolutely convinced I got somewhere between a 50 and 60 and was just hoping not to get a 74. I completely made up an answer to one of the WC, I didn't feel like I knew any of the MCQ and had a panic attack during the sims and was just like “F it, just guess” … and somehow, by some miracle, I passed. How you feel is not an indicator of how you did.

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 91
    FAR - 84
    REG - NINJA in Training
    If you're going through hell, keep going.

    @Amanda I had the same experience. I thought for sure I was going to have to retake it, and I couldn't believe the score I got on it.

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 92
    FAR - 84
    REG - 88
    I've found an anomaly in the Space-Time Continuum. NASBA and the AICPA are in the 19th century. They use slide rules to score the exam, and then they send the scores by Pony Express to the State Boards. That's why it takes so long for them to do a score release.
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