BEC Q4 test vs Q3 passing rate

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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone knows how the passing rate of the prior quarter affects the next quarter. I just took the BEC exam yesterday and felt like it was way harder than the other two times I took it.

    I looked and saw that the Q3 passing rate was the highest its been in a while so I’m wondering if thats why this one seemed so difficult and if they will fail more people to balance everything out.

    For context I took the other two BEC tests in 2017 and 2018 and got 73 on both. This was the first time I genuinely wanted to punch the computer screen midway through the exam.

    AUD - 64

    BEC - 73, 73, 80

    FAR - N/A

    REG - N/A

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    I failed Q3 and passed Q4. Had the exact opposite of what most people are saying. Crazy weird test Q3 and pretty normal Q4.


    All of the posts about BEC Q4 being difficult are making me nervous – just took it yesterday and walked out feeling like I knew almost all of the material. Glad to hear someone else felt like they had a normal Q4 experience. Hoping for the best for all of us!

    AUD - 74 (JAN-19), 77 (APR-19)
    BEC - 76 (FEB-17), 86 (DEC-19)
    FAR - 54 (OCT-17), 82 (NOV-19)
    REG - 71 (MAR-18), 83 (SEP-18)
    Ethics - 90%
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