BEC poor performance on sims, still pass?

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    Has anyone ever felt terrible about their sims on BEC and still passed? I feel okay about the mcq, but my sims were insanely long, cut a couple short to save me time on the WC, which I feel confident about.

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    Biff Tannen

    I think you’ll be fine. Would you mind sharing what topics were tested the most? I heard IT and COSO is heavily tested, and not so much for economics. Can you confirm?

    AUD - 78
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 79
    REG - 85
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    I didn't pass BEC last quarter, but I did have some pretty nasty sims that took a lot of time. I came out thinking I did awful on the Sims Although I didn't pass I got a 71 and actually ended up doing “stronger” on my score performance sheet on Sims. So if you think you did okay on the written and MCQ you should be fine. My WC were garbage last quarter because I spent too much time on SIMs.

    As far as topics, the first quarter I saw a lot of a few topics, the second I saw more of the other topics I didn't see on my first. So honestly just be prepared for anything.


    In case anyone is wondering, I passed with a 77!!!


    Great!!!! The sims were hard this past testing window.

    AUD - NINJA in Training
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 75
    REG - 81
    I will not let the CPA beat me.  I may have lost all my credits once, but not twice.

    I am proof. I passed bec this qtr and found out during the early score release surprise. Haha

    I marked 10-15 McQ unknown in the first testlet. A ton of computations I’ve never seen before. Second I marked 7 McQ. Sims were super strange.

    Overall, passed with 78. I left thinking I failed. Not joking. It’s curved and is the only way I passed. Thank you everyone on this forum!

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