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    Hello everyone,

    I took my FAR back in the beginning of the year and passed it with a couple of points above 75. Since then I took REG (74), then BEC (74) and just found out I got another (74) on BEC. I am studying very well for the exam. I don’t understand why I keep getting 74. I am getting sick of all this and am on the verge to just quite. Anyone know why I might be getting this. Should I appeal? I know it’s almost impossible to have my grade changed but 74 again, seriously.

    I don’t know how else to study. Has this happened to anybody else? If so can you please tell me how you dealt with it. I am not motived to study anymore. And my Becker 18 months is ending. And so is the CPA exam 18 months. And there is no way I going through FAR again. Please help!!

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    What's strange is that, for my first BEC I studied my butt off, but I got screwed with all the audit questions I got. So that I was ok with. But the second one, when I studied I only honestly studied for about 3 chapters and crammed the rest on the day of the exam, and still got a 74. The. For the third time I studied a lot and still 74. I am planning on having my grade reviewed for $150. I know there is only 1% that it might change but really?? What is going on??

    For my third BEC MQ I have:

    2 strongers

    2 comparable

    2 weaker

    But the overall MQ is weaker? How could that be it should be at least comparable?

    And my essay is comparable all 3 times I took it.

    I just wanna shoot myself. People don't even study and they pass and I study my butt off and get 74? Not once, for 5 times??


    Means you have a really good base of knowledge, just missing something significant. Have you tried supplementing with other review materials? Maybe there's just a handful of concepts that your material doesn't present in a way that works for YOU!

    The chances are far less than 1%, more like 1% of 1%, and from what I understand all you get is a letter saying “yup, we were right”. It's brutal but sadly they're “God” when it comes to scores.

    FAR- 77
    AUD -49, 71, 84
    REG -56,75!
    BEC -75

    Massachusetts CPA (non reporting) since 3/12.


    If I were you, I would make sure to take BECKER & WILEY practice exams and make sure you're scoring 85+ on all of those before you sit for another exam again…

    REG - Passed!!
    BEC - Passed
    FAR - Passed
    AUD - Passed

    Study Materials: Becker basic course

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