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    Hi everyone,

    I just found out I got a 73 on BEC. My Roger study materials expire this week. I have a free cram course with them so I was wondering if anyone used this and thought it was enough.

    Also any general advice for getting my score up two points, I would really appreciate!


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    Sorry to hear that. I got back to back 73s on BEC before passing today so I def know that feeling.

    I use Wiley so I cant really speak about the Roger cram course but I did buy the ninja questions for this time around and also used one of my friends' Becker login to do questions and thought that really helped. The more questions you do the better off you'll be in my opinion.

    In regards to the actual test I would just say know COSO like the back of your hand and have a general understanding of IT. Every time I've taken it I feel like at least 8-9 questions on each testlet are related to that if not more. Also, I would say work on managing your time. A lot of people I've seen take too long on the MC part trying to get everything right and then end up rushing through the sims or not being able to finish writing all of the essays.

    Finally I would say just look at the breakdown of the test results of the exam you took and see what areas you did weaker in as well as on your practice tests and focus on those sections a bit more.

    Hope this helps and goodluck on your next attempt, you'll pass it for sure

    AUD - 64

    BEC - 73, 73, 80

    FAR - N/A

    REG - N/A

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    Thanks Ivan! I am so happy to hear you passed because I barely can handle the one 73! I did look at my scorecard, I did stronger on corporate governance and comparable on IT. Overall on the sections, I got 2 “weaker”s 2 “stronger”s and 1 “comparable”. So maybe I can concentrate on those areas. It is tough with the study materials expiring because I have an infant and am on a strict budget and I wish I could buy Ninja or something else, but I just can't really spend extra money right now! I also did weaker on the MC and stronger on the sims but that is just me on every exam. I got an 82 on Audit and and 84 on Reg and did weaker in the MC and stronger in the sims each of those times! Overall, it's just really hard to judge how much time I need to give myself to make sure I pass with still having time to take FAR before June when I lose Audit. I guess after thinking about it for a bit, I'm thinking BEC retake mid-late January and FAR in early April. That way I still have a couple of months for a retake if necessary.

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    I am on same boat.I failed by 5 points. I am using Becker and Ninja MCQS as supplements.
    WE CAN DO THIS!!! trust me I know the feeling. I have been staring at my score since last night and finally decided to buckle down and start studying for it from scratch.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck to you on your retake!

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    Rogers Cram along with Ninja MCQs were the only thing I used for my third REG attempt and second AUD attempt, and that was the perfect combination for me!

    BEC - 77
    REG - 73, 72, 80
    AUD - 68, 85
    FAR - 71, 79
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    How did you feel about time management on the exam? It seems like you may benefit practicing mcq since you are scoring weaker on those. Making sure you allocate enough time to write solid wc and review for any grammatical errors are also some easy points you can benefit from. You're so close you got this!


    B- 82



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    I think my time management went fairly well! I may have spent a little longer on the MC but had 10 mins each for the writing. I did feel a little rushed but it wasn’t too terrible. The strange thing is for BEC specifically I studied all multiple choice and not really any sims! I think I understand the concepts overall but then overthink multiple choice or something?

    One thing I’m reading is I should study like I haven’t taken it because the questions could be completely different. But I wasn’t planning on really rewatching any lectures because I did already study a decent amount! I was thinking even though I’d forget some of it that the studying I’ve already done should still help so I was thinking of just studying for 2-3 weeks next month and retaking it then rather than taking a month or two to study for a retake.

    Any advice on that as well? Thanks everyone, it’s helping me a lot to talk it out!

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    I would not watch the videos again unless you just need a refresher on a certain topic. The problem you may run into is that you probably just completed all of Rogers MCQs, so memorization could hurt you this time around. This is why a different question bank like Ninja is great. I used Roger and Ninja. I would do ALL of roger first (which I guessing you have) then sprinkle in Ninja. Or if I failed a section a would jump straight into the Ninja “how to pass in 20 days.”

    Anyways I did read you probably wont be purchasing other study materials. Although Ninja really helped me, you have already passed with solid scores without it so I think Roger will be enough. I would try and read some sections that you may not feel 100% with. Did you take notes? If so, I would be reading sections of those each day to stay current. I would also knock out all the questions that you missed and my OCD would probably force me to re complete the entire Smart Path process again.

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