Studying AUD as an Auditor

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    Hi guys, has anyone who has been studying for audit who is currently in the field feel like the material is pretty straight forward? I gave myself 6 weeks to study because I don't want to be over confident but because I know a lot of the information I feel like I am having trouble paying attention in the lectures. So I guess my question is the Audit exam easy if you're already an auditor?

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    Hey Ben,

    So I work in Risk Advisory Services and I do some internal audit work (and communicate with external auditors) so the material does seem pretty straight forward but after I tested for AUD the exam wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I would still put a great amount of effort into studying just to up the chances of passing.

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    Ninja Albert

    Hey I would have to mirror @vicky I had some experience in a small company auditing A/r and cash ect. but your preparation should be much more and closer in details. I say go through the sparring VIDS and you should be fine, I know the 2022 version is longer but bare with them and get through it take breaks ect. to help you stay attentive, because if you have experience the terms used is not new to you but the content is.

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    You would be surprised at how many auditors have emailed me over the years because they were embarrassed that they were struggling with AUD. I think it's because there's “textbook” auditing and “real life” auditing.

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