How do you keep yourself motivated?

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    How does everyone deal with defeat? I passed FAR on my first go on any part and I was exhilarated. I recently walked out of REG feeling more defeated than I ever have in my life. I couldn’t possibly feel more of the opposite feelings.

    I’m moving on for now as there’s nothing I can do but wait for my score, but how do you motivate yourself and not think about how you potentially messed up/failed?

    I’m currently going on to AUD and wow, I thought FAR and REG were dry… I must stay strong though. How does everyone else do it?

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    The desire to never have to restudy for a part again is what motivated me to study for AUD when I left REG feeling more defeated than I ever have. Use that as your drive to keep yourself going. I knew leaving REG the first time I failed. I used that energy to fuel the motivation to study for AUD because I never wanted that feeling again. Other than setting a schedule and sticking to it that is all I can say.

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    I'm with smp73! Right now I am studying for my last part and I'm studying like I have to make sure it is in fact my last part! I don't want to study again!!!!!! Hang in there!!

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