2022 Audit Changes

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    Is there anyone who can explain to me the exam changes for audit for 2022?
    I know about the following:
    SSAE non issuer report format change for a review
    The definition of materiality
    Adding Critical Audit Matters
    If issuing a modified opinion, the CPA should report on the subject matter and not mgmt's assertion.

    What else?

    My CPA exam course told me the content was updated for 2022- it is not online or in the textbook. There are no supplements online noting the 2022 updates.
    I was sent a July 2021 version book with 2022 printed on the cover.
    There are updated videos of a guy sitting in his room reading straight from a textbook – the not updated textbook with 2021 changes.
    I am upset. My test is Tuesday.

    AUD - 82
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 86
    REG - 86
    Jennifer Wolf
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