99 on AUD … Possible mistake?

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    I took audit at the end of the first quarter, and was very upset after getting a 74, hence my user name. I felt like I knew the material well enough to pass, and just had an off test day. So i got angry, and attacked the study material harder than my previous two attempts. I felt confident coming out, but I was a little worried that this was not a good thing, as I thought maybe its because the test didnt get that much harder…. But I just found out I got a 99! I keep looking at score again, or wondering if this is a mistake, but im kind of in awe. Never expected to get anything over maybe 85 as I was right on the border of passing or failing for my previous attempts, and I would have been happy with a 75. Hopefully this is right! To everyone who passed, enjoy tomorrow, as it is cinco de mayo! To everyone who failed, I just increased 25 points, so obviously there is much room for improvement. In addition to obviously being well prepared and using a good review program, some simple advice I would give to you is get ANGRY with the exam. Treat it like it punched you in the face, and is laughing at you. DO NOT accept failure and overcome. I played sports all my life, and i always played best when I was upset. Now its Bec next!!

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    That's an amazing score!! Great Job!!

    What review course did you use? and how did you study for it?


    Thanks. I just posted this in another thread. ….For one, I allowed myself 2 weeks to review this time around, as I was retaking it, and everything was still fresh in my head. The previous times, I was finishing the last chapter with about 5 days to go, and cramming the night before. I also got a good night sleep. I used becker. I re read everything and focused on the parts I had the most trouble with. I only did the Becker questions again for areas I found the hardest because I remembered the answers. I focused on really reading and understanding all four of the fact nuggets. I also purchased the wiley test bank, and i feel this definitely had value, as it was brand new questions for the most part. I also purchased the ninja notes which I probably read through a few times for review. Another adjustment I made is the speed at which completed the multiple choice questions. I allowed myself 2 hours for the simulations so I could take my time and utilize the auth. lit as much as I can. Finally, I would say that I changed my attitude towards this whole process. I graduated at the end of last year, and decided I would take the first half of the year to pass the cpa exam, before I go out into work field. I found myself enjoying the freedom of being able to travel a little and not worrying about class etc. I was probably only putting in fifteen hours a week. Since i got away with passing by FAR just by a little, I didnt really change this for the first audit exam. I had always been this way in school, just studying enough to get by. But that 74 lit a fuse, and I really buckled down, and made sure to commit 40-50 hours a week for that next month. So I didnt take any chances. I knew I did well, and for the first time felt confident leaving the exam center, but never did I dream I would get even a 90 in this whole process. Im going full speed ahead now and going to knock the rest of this out by the middle of summer!


    think you have to change your name now… haha

    Form is temporary, class is permanent.

    Audit 4/19/12 - 77
    BEC 5/31/12 - 75
    FAR 8/30/12


    Lol! It fit when I created this! But once a member, always a member. In retrospect, I am kind of happy that I got that 74, because it lit that fuse, which I will continue to apply through the rest of this process. I am going to enjoy it this weekend, but on Monday I am going to trick myself into thinking I got a 74 again so I continue to not let up.


    Great attitude!! I need that fire in me. I have gotten failing scores (3x), and my passion/fury has increased, but no where near yours(:


    Thank you. Ya get angry! Lol Pretend the exam is a person who just cheated on your significant other, and you have to show it who' s boss. Honestly whatever works to get you fueled. I always coached my little bros basketball teams growing up and have done personal training, so i have a ton of mind tricks or ways to motivate that I always use on myself. Today is going to be tough, because my neighbor is having a loud party starting in about an hour till 5 pm, but I am determined.


    Way to knock it out the park! Great job…you deserve it!

    FAR Passed
    REG Passed
    AUD Passed
    BEC Passed

    All aboard, this train's leaving. Next stop, TBD!



    Reg 77 (Aug 11)
    Aud 80 (Nov 11)
    BEC 79 (Jan 12)
    FAR 80 (April 12)


    Here's my story. My BEC is to expire in this month (May 2012) so I took 3 of the rest. What I felt right after the exam was like this

    FAR: Well, I think I did good.

    REG: Hmmm…It was barely OK… but can be less than 75…

    AUD: OMG I am sure that I did good job. I might get even 90+!?!?

    And results were…




    Huuuuaaaaahh!!!!!! WHAT!? 2 steps forward and 1 step back! (Passing FAR & REG, and death of BEC!)


    and yeah, just like Club74Vip4Life, I am totally angry! and somehow feel very motivated to stay focus on my study! I still believe something went wrong on scoring procedure and even thought of attempting score appeal, but I didn't! (Did you know it costs more than $500- and some state board of accountancy do NOT even accept appeal.)

    Hey BEC and AUD! STAY THERE, I WILL K**L YOU on next window!!!

    God bless you guys and wish me luck!

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