I passed AUD! This is what I did.

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    I got my score today and found out that I passed AUD!

    I wanted to let all of those who are studying know how, so here’s exactly what I did:

    I gave myself 4 weeks to study, and studied about 25+ hours a week while working full-time.

    Every day I would read through the ninja notes for the section I was working on, and then I would read through the chapter of my Wiley book, writing the notes in my own words. I kept a 5-subject notebook that I had sectioned off for notes, multiple choice question explanations, journal entries, etc. After I re-wrote the section of the chapter I was working on, I did multiple choice questions. I did so many MC questions that I was solving problems in my sleep.

    I had Wiley Test Bank, CPAReviewforFree Simulations, and the AUD Ninja Notes-

    And I just rinsed and repeated until I took my exam.

    Practice practice practice! Multiple choice after multiple choice.

    I’m running off out of caffeine and my adrenaline from passing just wore off, so I hope this makes sense!

    REG- 84 - PASS!
    BEC- 65, 72, 78! PASS!
    AUD- 80 - PASS!
    FAR- 64- What??, 82 - PASS!

    AND I'M DONE!! Just keep your eyes on the prize and remember that you can do it!

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