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    I passed BEC and FAR fairly easily. I have now taken AUD twice and failed both times. The first time, I only had about 50 hours to study (NTS was expiring). I scored a 69. I rescheduled, studied around 50-60 more hours, and felt great walking in to the test in June 2017. Came out with a 73.

    I’ve been using Wiley CPA, which obviously worked for both BEC and FAR. Can’t figure out what my downfall is with AUD since I’ve heard so many people say it’s easy.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 76
    FAR - 75
    REG - 80
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    Yes, AUD is the hardest section to pass. AUD is the only exam that has taken me multiple attempts to pass. I passed FAR and BEC on my first try. I just passed AUD on my third attempt. AUD has the lowest pass rate for a reason and has too many choose the “best” or “least” likely questions.

    AUD – hardest to earn 75 points and most subjective questions.

    FAR/REG – most material and worst to study for due to time commitment.

    BEC – most random, but easiest to earn 75 points.

    That's how I would break it down thus far. But, ALL exams are very challenging. Take a shortcut on any of the 4 exams and you will have problems passing.



    To me, AUD was the easiert. I studied it for 12 days and passed. I think it really depends on your experience and strength. Aud was easy because I audit. BUT I studied Reg for a month and failed by 4points, then studied for another month, then passed. So yeah..

    Working full-time and taking all 4 parts in one window.

    If I can do it, you all can too.


    FAR 81 - 1/9/2017

    BEC 78 - 1/28/2017

    AUD 80 - 2/10/2017

    REG 81 - 4/25/2017


    I passed AUD with the shortest amount of studying time and on the first attempt. The most difficult I'd say is REG.

    REG is the section I was afraid of. REG also happens to be the section I enjoyed studying most for because it's useful/relevant information. But it's a pain in the ass.

    FAR is a lot of material, but it's not bad. 2 months of studying and I think I'll pass it on the first attempt in September.

    BEC was a pain because it was all over the place.

    From easiest to most difficult in my opinion:

    AUD > FAR > BEC > REG


    I think it all depends on your strengths. AUD was the easiest to me and the most difficult was REG. I have to agree with @BRICKELLCPA from easiest to most difficult



    I think AUD is underestimated. I think some people take AUD lightly because it is like a breath of fresh air since there are no calculations involved. But a lot of questions have subjective answers, and many of the MCQs require “the most correct answer” even though all answer choices may in theory be correct. The SIMs can also be hard sometimes if you are not good at FAR and then you get handed an adjusting journal entry simulation or something like that.


    I havent gotten my aud grade back, but feel both bec and far are more difficult than aud.


    AUD exam was challenging, but studying for it was easy as I deal with audit at work and it all made sense to me…


    I absolutely hated Audit. If you get a question wrong, since it's not as concrete as other sections, you can't simply mark the calculation/factual error you made and remember to get it right next time. Because the next time you meet that question, it will be twisted and turned in another way. My way of taking the exam was not knowing which answer was correct, but by eliminating which ones weren't. Look at the words given in the answer choices and this should help.


    I'm with the AUD is the easiest group, still awaiting my results but I finished my exam with 1.5 hours to spare. I put in about 5-6 weeks of studying including one week of review. It was a nice change of pace for me, to not have to stress over formulas and layered calculations.

    Your fail scores are like battle scars, so wear them proudly!

    REG - 76 (expired 7/31/18)

    BEC - 69, 72, 80

    AUD - 62, 70, 74

    FAR - 50, 60


    It's all about the test you get. I studied four days for audit. I felt like an idiot for thinking I could pull it off but I wanted one more chance at it before the test changed (this was Q4 last year). I got the PERFECT test. Everything I skipped studying becuase I thought it was too hard only had one or two questions. All my simulations were drop downs. It's a crapshoot. Just study what you can and hope for the best.


    Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. But, AUD has the Lowest pass rate of them all.

    It's funny how everyone's brains work differently. BEC was so much easier for me compared with AUD. BEC was a review of Business 101 classes and intro to Econ classes. The Econ section was stupid easy for me! But, I will say I was unsure if I passed BEC when I walked out of the exam. However, I scored an 88!

    I find formulas and technical information to be much easier than conceptual information.

    Anyhow, everyone has their own opinion but that's mine. It's funny how different exams give candidates problems. Actually it will drive u nuts like AUD did with me!!


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