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    Any suggestions on how long I should wait to retake AUD? Just got my score last night and got a 73. I’d like to take it around March 10 so I can get my scores back March 18, but I’m wondering if two weeks isn’t enough time? I work full time but that would leave me two whole weekends to study a lot plus I have a few hours each day during the week. Any advice would be appreciative!

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    I think you will get mixed opinions on this. Re-taking an exam requires a fresh start. Knowing what you messed up on this take may or may not help you on your retake. I was in your shoes last August. I scored a 74 on AUD, and wanted to retake it to be included in the upcoming score release. I retook AUD that following week and scored an 84. I do believe two weeks is enough time.

    What I did for that week was focus on my weak areas. I hit the SIMs and MCQs hard in my weak areas, and kept up on an overall review of the material by doing MCQs. If I wasn't doing simulations or MCQs I was going through and re-reading my own notes, focus notes from Wiley, and the Ninja notes. I also reviewed the AICPA sample test for AUD again.

    Here's a link to the thread I made regarding my AUD retake. There is some helpful advice and encouragement.

    Good luck!

    AUD - 84
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    What a journey! It took me 12 attempts, do not give up, keep going! Praise God!

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    Thanks for your response! I think two weeks will be enough. I should have also added my Roger CPA review expires March 10 so if I went past I would probably just use NINJA.

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