Has anyone thought you failed AUD but passed?

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    I’ve heard of situations where they felt good about the AUD exam and failed, but not much about the other way around. Can anyone share their experience? It would help me reduce the stress from the upcoming score release. Thank you!

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    The 1st time I took AUD after passing FAR with a 87 on the first try, I definitely thought that I passed AUD too, but I ended up failing with a 72 in Q2. When I took AUD for the second time this past quarter, the SIMs I had were a lot more difficult than the ones I've seen on the first AUD exam. I thought I had a high chance of failing this one because there were a lot of the questions on the SIMs where I had to make second guesses because the two best answers I was able to narrow down. Despite this, I ended up passing the exam with a 86, which was quite surprising although I put in the time and effort studying.

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    @Big4 Yeah the sims were definitely time consuming and tricky. I didn't have time to review my answers which makes me more anxious about the result. MCQs were not too bad but I think I could have done a better job if I had more time to study (I was studying and getting through the busy season).

    Thanks for sharing and congrats on passing all four! You made it!

    AUD - 81
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 83
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    I took Q2 AUD and felt it was super easy. But ended up with 74….
    Then I took Q3 AUD, the 1st part of MSQs were very hard, median to hard level. Unbelievable. And I think I didn't do well, because my 2nd MSQs questions were much easier than 1st part, very straight forward.
    The SIMs were not super hard but much harder than Q2 exam. I felt I def failed, but pass with 78. Thank God. All His Mercy.
    Therefore, the feeling about how well you did on AUD exam is not accurate, compare with other three parts.

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    @Esyc – Thanks! The only section that I felt like I was confident going in and thought I passed and did was BEC. Good luck with your score release on the 19th. You probably passed. Just need to do something else to get your mind off of this waiting game.

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    When I took AUD I would have told you that after the MCQ i had about a 98. I was on cloud nine!!

    By the time I finished the SIMS I was praying for a 75. Honestly, I guessed my score to be 77ish and ended up with an 83.

    The only thing I can say (though you've already taken the test) was that I made damn sure I got the research question right because it is all or nothing. Then, I just put my face in my hands for a few seconds and concentrated on how much was at stake and how much I didn't want to do a retake, lol. That calmed me down at least well enough that I didn't blow it completely.

    But AUD was the one section where I thought I was woefully under prepared for the SIMS even though I did study them some.

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    Haha, I literally had this same question, and even posted it on here last week…but here is my input:

    I took my AUD retake in q3 after failing with a 68 in q2. When I took the exam in q3, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My multiple choice questions wayyyyy easier than becker—almost laughable (but not in a good way because it threw me off). This actually caused me to waste a lot of time because I kept on reading and rereading the questions trying to see if there was a “catch” or a curveball or a detail that I was missing. This caused me to rush through the sims—which were tricky because there were a lot of documents and it seemed very subjective, and even left one almost blank because it was weirdly confusing. The only thing I knew was that I got the research question correct.
    So I pretty much walked out of the testing center feeling super confused. I didn’t feel bad or good, just confused. I felt much better after my BEC exam and thought I did really well on it, but I barely passed. I felt worse on my AUD, but got an 84.
    It's weird!

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    I passed Audit when I felt the worst. So yes for Audit you never know. For all exams, I feel good about them and ended passing but just for Audit.

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    I took AUD in Q3 and thought I had failed because the second MCQ testlet was so much easier than the first. So I figured since it is adaptive I got the medium difficulty testlet and blew it on the first one. Ended up scoring better than “those that passed” AUD on the MCQ. With that experience I suppose if I feel bad after leaving FAR and REG coming up it's not the end of the world?

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    Thanks everyone for sharing!

    You guys definitely helped me worry less about my score. I guess it doesn't really matter how you feel walking out of the test center (at least for AUD). Thanks again!! 😀

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    Like you, I am patiently waiting for my AUD score to be released on Wednesday. I felt really good about the MCQs, despite the challenging Testlet 2 questions. However, I was not prepared for the SIMs. I got through all of Wiley's SIMs and even worked on the missed ones, but I only felt confident about 2/3 of my responses in each SIM. I am almost confident that I got the research question correct, but the rest is yet to be seen.

    Good luck next week!

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    Definitely thought I had failed, badly. Passed with a 76. Best feeling ever.

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    I thought I fail AUD and I ended up getting an 86. There were a number of MCQ and at least 1 or 2 SIMs I didn't have a clue and prayed were pre-tested (might have gotten lucky). After that I realized there's no way to know when you leave, and to just relax/move on to the next section and hope for the best.

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    I seem to be in the same boat as several others. I felt pretty confident on MC, but couldn't tell if the questions got harder or remained about the same in the 2nd testlet. I felt confident on 3 of the Sims including the research. 1 was pretty much a guess and the other 4 were educated but uncertain guesses. I have no clue what to expect and honestly won't be surprised if I fail after hearing of other experiences. If it's worse than a 70 I'd kinda be surprised, and if it's better than a 85 I'd be surprised. The AICPA seems to be pros at making you feel clueless about results.

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    Anyone have any AUD stories similar to this?

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    I struggled with the subjectivity of AUD. I could narrow answers down to two choices but couldn't ever tell if I picked the right one or not. Exam experience left me completely unsure and not knowing what to expect, ended up passing with an 84.

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    BEC - 90
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