Changing answers during exam and getting them wrong – kicking myself in the head

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    I took AUD yesterday and I couldn’t help but to look up some of the questions to see if I got them right..I just found out I missed 2 of the easiest questions (fill in the blank type) because I changed my answers! I picked the correct answers at first then I flagged them for some reason to review before moving to next set. i ended up confusing myself and changed answers at the last minute. I know they prohibit people to share what they got tested on so I won’t go into details but looking back at it, those were the easy questions that AICPA hands out to candidates..I was so stupid to change answers. what was I thinking..

    Now I’m kicking myself in the head and afraid to see a score like 73.. If I fail by couple of points, I don’t know how I’m going to live with it.. there’s reason why people say do not change your answer unless you’re absolutely sure. usually your gut feeling is correct..

    this is killing me right now…I can’t focus on studying FAR.

    I am going crazy,

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    I did it for one or two that were super easy as well on AUD last week. Not happy about it at all and I can't stop thinking about them either. One was on my last “difficult” testlet so hopefully it doesn't count against me that much 🙁

    AUD: 84
    REG: 84
    BEC: 79
    FAR: 83


    I changed a few answers this time while review coz in every testlet i had marked lot of questions for review. I dont know whether it was right or not. During review stage i thought the other answer was the best…….i changed in 1st testlet and got a difficult 2nd one,,,,,prob. it was right..and my third one too was tough i felt. just one week to know the my fate. hope i pass. fed up of getting 74… 2 already..

    BEC: 77(Nov 2010), 81(Jul 2012).
    FAR: 80(Jul 2012).
    REG: 72(Jul 2012), 78(Oct 2012).
    AUD: 71(Nov 2010),74(Jul 2012),74(Oct 2012),75(Jan 2013)- Thanks God, without you i couldnt have done this. I'M DONE !!!


    Don't beat yourself up over it. You only changed the answers because you thought they were correct- it is easy to be hard on yourself after the test is over, but don't be- there's a ton of pressure in an exam situation. I've done this as well (specifically on FAR), and your mind just tends to focus on those one or two questions you know you got wrong, instead of the questions you know you got right.

    Obviously easier said than done, but do your best to relax, forget about those one or two questions, and focus on FAR. I had a tough time focusing while I was worried, but you don't want to be in a situation where you are beating yourself up for not getting enough FAR studying done because you are worried. Good luck!


    In general, I've found that my first gut reaction is better than a detailed analysis. I very rarely change an answer unless I determine that I misunderstood/misread the question, or if it's a calculation question and I find an error in my math.

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    AUD - 65, 78 - 11/2012
    BEC - 76 - 11/2012
    REG - 78 - 01/2013
    ETH - 98 - 01/2013

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    I'm with the OP. I debated about an answer on my AUD exam earlier this month. I chose wrong and am kicking myself. On the bright side I answered several other questions that I was on the fence about correctly. We've just got to let it go and leave it up to the CPA gods.

    FAR 78
    AUD 85
    BEC 79
    REG 83

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