AUD experience 1/31. DO study Sims

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    I’m pretty sure I’ll score in the 60s. I felt both MCQ sections were medium, and there were a number of questions worded in a way that tripped me up, so I had to make a fair amount of guesses.

    Towards the end of my preparation (read: the night before lol) I dipped my toes in taking sims and practice test, and brother, make sure you study your sims. There’s just so much of a difference between picking out the best answer on an MCQ and matching responses to audit scenarios.

    I’d say Ninja, which I used exclusively, is enough and I would have been adequately prepared if I had spent more time. There was nothing unfamiliar on the exam, simply details I had not quite solidified my knowledge on.

    So without giving out details since it’s prohibited, I’ll just say try to put yourself in the shoes of an auditor and spend some time dealing with the sims that ask you to answer requests from various sources, whether it be management, customers etc

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