Unlimited CPE Subscription with best excel courses?

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    What CPE provider do you guys recommend that has unlimited subscription option & provide good excel courses? To be more specific, I am trying to learn macro to go from Intermediate to Advanced Excel user. I know you can buy books or watch youtube videos to learn macro, but my preferred way of studying requires some sort of structure at least in the beginning stages. That and I need to earn CPE hrs anyways. Any thoughts?

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    REG - 96 (4/19/16), Local Prep Online Lectures, BISK & NINJA MCQ
    BEC - 91 (7/19/16), Local Prep Online Lectures, BISK & NINJA MCQ

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    I don't have a course recommendation. Most of my excel knowledge came from other coworkers. I have two excellent excel books (one deals with modeling and the other with vba):

    Excel Basics to Blackbelt by Elliot Bendoly


    VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems with Microsoft Excel by Christian Albright

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    I think in the next US CPA exam, I will use the Excel feature of the exam. I started using spreadsheets since the late 80s; first, Lotus 123 and then, MS Excel in since the early '90s. It's nothing fancy, just the simple table for personal budgeting, FS schedules and tax schedules.

    Since I went back to school in 2018, I have been using it for homework assignments. Also, I noticed, in my current BBA-Accounting program, Excel is a must for some of my accounting, business, and finance courses.

    Recently, I have a Statistics exam which involved using the Excel app; I didn't realize that the Student MS 360 Excel version app, which I use at home and my student account is completely different from the Excel spreadsheet in our college computer lab for the exam (offline). It was worth 10% of my overall mark, and an eye-opener for me to be aware that not all Excel apps have the same features.

    I don't have must background with Statistics, thus when two of my undergrad young adult kids took it last term, I thought I could get some tutoring. Unfortunately, theirs is totally a different learning style; they used the graphing calculator and not much of Excel for the exam.

    Well, I just have to spend more time in my college lab and AICPA website for Excel Tutorial, since I realized, not ALL Excel apps are the same. I believe the only thing that is holding me back in my Canadian CPA accounting is Statistics. It's not so much with the US CPA exam since there's hardly any Statistics questions, except with Excel features in our US CPA exam, which is great for formulas.

    Good luck with your Excel adventures!:)

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    I can't find any unlimited subscriptions that offer a lot of Excel CPE's. Generally those CPE's are expensive. Right now with COVID-19 two places are offering free (non-Excel) CPE's here and there: the AICPA store and my-cpe.com. Please let me know if you found something reasonably priced… best wishes!

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