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    Hello everyone!

    I just entered the first year that I have to do my CPEs for my NY license (dk if the state matters for this topic). I don’t actively practice accounting anymore, more on the consulting side, but don’t want to lose the license.

    Anyone know of any, not so challenging/expensive, CPE classes? I have never taken them, so am unsure about the process.

    Most people I talk to still work at firms that provide the continuing education, so they can’t really help here.

    AUD Expires 06/30/15
    BEC Expires 06/30/14
    FAR Expires 12/31/14
    REG 06/30/13 Expired (Pass to become CPA or fail and lose BEC)

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    Go to a website like mastercpe or CPExpress or something similar. You can get unlimited CPE each year for like $150/200 and from what I understand these are reputable services.

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