CPE That Also Reviews Basic CPA Topics

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    I pass all the exams in January 2017 and have been sitting on my final license application because my job doesn’t need it right now and I wasn’t ready to begin the cycle of CPE and license fees. But, now I think I’m ready to level up in my career and all I need to do is activate the license…however, I’ve forgotten a lot of the subjects. I’m confident I can refresh my mind easily, but I’ve been reading about the CPE subjects and typical CPE courses out there, and was hoping that CPE courses could also double effectively as ‘review.’

    Unfortunately, when I browse CalCPA course catalogues, most of the courses look like “specialization” in certain topics. In a way, I sort of wish the actual CPA review courses themselves could double as CPE. I know it sounds lame but the job I’ve had hasn’t exactly required that I stay on top of fair market valuations or stocks.

    I was hoping I could kill two birds with one stone!

    The AICPA standards for what counts as CPE seems to just require syllabus, interactive format, attendance, etc – has anyone been able to count CPA exam review courses as CPE? Any advice?

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    I am in WA. I just ordered text course for ethics exam. There are lots of information to read, though exam is open box

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