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    Hi everyone I am licensed in california- just recieved my license on March 21,2017 and it expires in June 2018. How many CPEs do I need before then? so I know for June 2017-June 2018 I need 40 but what about March 21-June 30, 2017. Does it prorate? Not sure how it works. Does the CBA send you something when the license is close to renewal for how many CPEs you will need. I am a newbie and need help from our seasoned CPA on here. Thanks guys!

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    I know this post is about less than a year old, but I am going to answer it anyways. You should have received at least two letters from the California Board of Accountancy. The first letter would explain your expiration date and how many CPEs to complete before the date of expiration in addition to being informed of getting a CPA license renewal application in the mail. The second letter would come with the CPA license renewal application that would at least provide instructions about how many CPEs to complete before the expiration date.

    According to this link: https://www.dca.ca.gov/cba/licensees/ce_renew_inst.pdf

    “If you are a new licensee or you converted your license from inactive to active status during the two-year period immediately preceding your license expiration date, you may have a prorated CE requirement. The method used to calculate your total CE requirement is 20 hours of qualifying CE for each full six-month period of active status licensure. For example, if the license issuance/conversion date was January 1, 2013 and your license expired on January 31, 2014, you must complete a total of 40 hours of CE.”

    So, based off this (albeit a few years old instruction), if your date of issuance of your CPA license was on March 21, 2017, then you may need to complete a prorated amount of CPEs of 40 hours before the June 2018 deadline.

    Hope this helps.

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