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    Hi All, I have finally got my CPA exam license after 12 times of exam. However, I am having trouble in finding how many hours of CPE credits I need to take this year (since the hours requirement should be prorated during my first year). Is there any website (perhaps from the CPA board exam website) that I can check my hours and remaining hours I need to fulfill? I am from California~

    Thanks a lot!

    BEC: 74 69 81
    AUD: 57 65 89
    REG: 75
    FAR: 55 64 69 68 77

    GO CPA GO!
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    Josh J.


    The above link is a copy of the California Board of Accountantcy handbook. On page 11 it references that you need 20 hours of CPE for every full 6 month period between the day of receiving license and your license expiration.

    NOTE: I am NOT a CA resident or license holder and have no experience in this matter. I only found the information through a google search. I would advise clarifying any information directly with the CBA.

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