California CPA License – CPE Question

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    I’m a licensed CPA in California and am on my first full 2-year renewal deadline. This is subject to 80 hours every two years, with >20 in each year. Plus 4 have to be ethics and 2 from a regulatory review course. Does anyone know what happens if you don’t hit the 20 hour mark in one of the years? I’m sitting at 16 hours for my first year and the remainder my second year. I have all of the other requirements done. I’ve searched online on the CBA website and can’t find anything that calls this out.

    Side note, I passed the CPA exam a few years ago using solely NINJA materials, mostly just the online questions and did a ton of them. I am not a strong accountant and don’t work in accounting, so for me to pass was huge. The NINJA stuff really works.

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