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    Hello Group,

    I wanted inputs on what you thought about the timed practice questions in the wiley CMA in exam mode.

    I am having difficulty finishing all and usually on get through half of them in the timed mode. Is that how the real exam is?

    Any thoughts?

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    For you to do well on the exam, just keep practicing the regular multiple choice questions. I don't know how Wiley cma test bank looks like because i use Hock materials and test bank. I failed the part one of the exam earlier this year because of time management not because of the difficulty. I will advice you to keep practicing the regular MCQ and don't worry so much about the exam mode, if you get very familiar with the questions and the patterns, you should do well in the exam. But during the exam, i will advice you to be mindful of the time, and never spend over 3 minutes on any question. If you come across any long question try your best to tackle it, but if its taking so long, skip and move on because you can spend the time on questions you are very familiar with.

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