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    I am taking CMA part 1 in a few weeks. I passed CMA part 2 and it was easy. I know the response I am going to get from you is “the CPA exams are much harder and you don’t know what you are talking about”. Well, I spoke with a few controllers before figuring out which designations to pursue, and they all said both exams are around the same difficulty level. But let me guess, the keyboard warriors are all CFOs of fortune 500 companies so they actually know what they are talking about. That’s the thing. No one on this site has any idea about what they are talking about. You all also love saying what you want to hear. You would know if you took the CMA exam, this is called confirmation bias (in the behavior finance/capital markets section). All of you talk about these tests like they are really hard. You are stupid if you think so. Accounting is a joke. If you need to pass one of these tests and put cpa after your name to feel good about yourself, then you are a shallow human that I feel sorry for. Computers will take you all out in the near future anyway, and I am smart and will be adapted to the new environment while you will be talking about how hard the CPA exam is and how you are superior to medical doctors who actually positively contribute to society, unlike you. Send me your resume now and maybe I will consider hiring you. I also am half way through an MBA with a 4.0 GPA. That is easy too but let me guess, this doesn’t mean anything to you. You are all a joke and terrible people.


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    Tell us how you really feel….

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    Tldr; “My letters are better than your letters.” The CMA is not a certification – it’s just a test. You pass a test – and that’s it. You passed. Here’s 3 fly under the radar letters. The credential is so new (mid-70s) there are people out there with it who never even obtained it, but were rather handed it for free to bring credibility to the “credential” during its start up face. CPAs in the 70s and 80s were handed CMAs so the CMA program could bandwagon on what the CPA was. The CPA is a practice license. A CPA can form/start their own accounting firm – a CMA can at best work for said firm (supervised by a CPA – ho ho you’ll learn that in the CPA exam). Ultimately, CMAs are under the “G&A” category of companies – pure cost non-revenue generating staff that’ll get destroyed in the tech surge line with and worse than the population of non-public accountants. As CPAs are revenue generating any outsourcing and automation trends will still hit a glass ceiling leaving leaving numbers of CPAs in rank for revenue generating and client facing activity (not to mention judgement…).

    If you’re in MBA student surfing another71 – made up largely of recent undergrad grads cramming for BEC, and you’ve missed the banking, consulting, high tech push that higher-tier full-time MBA programs broker – and that’s led you into post-MBA accounting (which will raise brows within accounting – as MBAs are worth squat within) – I can only pray that you find something more substantial than just a CMA.

    Lol f’in L. But have at it. That’ll get you least something on paper accounting related.


    Wait till this guy gets on the job market and tells employers about the worthless designation of CMA that he has achieved. I hope these imaginary controllers you talk to have already offered you a job in their fantasy firm. Both the CISA and CIA have surpassed the CMA designation. CMA just screams “I couldn't pass the CPA exam” and having an MBA with a CMA screams I couldnt pass the CFA exam.

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    Nothing to see here folks. It's either a troll or a bitter person who couldn't pass the exam.

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    Started out saying CMA>CPA. Then it went into f*** it all


    This thread 😂😂😂. I can’t even!

    Merry Christmas 🎄. And thanks for the laugh.

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    jmm4hd what is the point of your angry posts, if the CMA is easier for you then people are making it out to be then great for you. If you take the CPA exam later I hope you’re a Watt Sells award winner but why choose a forum intended to help support people pursuing the CPA as your place to vent about how easy accounting certifications are. Also if a CPA licenses is not really important (as you have insinuated in your posts) then why are you planning on pursuing it yourself? I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors and that life brings you reason to be more positive.

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    Wealthy people do not have time to troll online forums. You are rich but but instead of chilling with beautiful women in Monaco or something you troll small internet forums? We would have more respect for you if you were poor.

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    “I am wealthy, I am worth million dollars”…like who cares? My son is 5 and his tantrums are a pleasure compare to yours. Please contact your doctor, that's not normal

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