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    Hey! I’ve passed all the CPA exams and am waiting for EY to finally sign my work experience paperwork! I’ve seen some posts about the CMA. Is it worth it to go for a CMA if you already have your CPA? I lead a really busy life! I’m 29, I’m working in corporate accounting and I have two little kids (with hopes for the future to have more). Is the CMA worth it? I’d have to make sacrifices to get it! Like most people I want to be earning as large a salary as I can, but right now I’m just starting out (I took two years off after working for two years in public accounting to have kids and just started back up in corp accounting).


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    I think it's worth it if you want employers to see that you have an understanding of management accounting, but I don't think the double certification would increase salary that much or at all (this is coming from a guy that has both).

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