Masters or another certification?

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    I passed the CPA exam a little less than a year ago now. I decided to do the 150 credit hour requirement through other undergraduate level classes, just so I could get the license as soon as possible (and to save some money). Now, I’ll be done with the classes at the end of this month and can’t decide what do to next.

    Should I do a master’s program? I would lean more towards MBA than a master’s in accounting, I think. Or, should I just go for another certification (CMA, CFE)? If so, which certification would be most beneficial?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I think a master's in accounting is worth very little if you already have the CPA. I'd therefore pick certifications over another degree if I HAD to keep going.

    Why not stop at CPA? That is more than enough.


    Don't stop, keep learning as much as you can.I work in tax so naturally I went with a masters in tax. Maybe you would be interested in that? If not, I always found an MBA to be interesting and will show you a different side of industry instead of looking at ledgers.

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    It's all about your goals. IMO: A person with a BS in Accounting really doesn't have much use for a graduate degree in accounting unless that degree has a concentration that will help with a career specialization. In your case, you have passed the CPA and will have met the 150 req, so you really need a purpose behind obtaining another degree or cert.

    Where do you feel like taking your career? Have you worked long enough to find out what you want to be doing 10 years from now? You mentioned the CMA and CFE, but those certs obtain two different goals. I had a professor who had a CPA and a CFE, but he was a Fraud Examiner. CMA's that I've known worked within FP&A. The few MBA's I know work in consulting. They'll all lead down very different paths.

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    Neither! You say you passed the CPA and chose to do undergraduate classes to meet the 150 and save money AND you'll finish tge 150 by the end of the month. Why go back to school exactly? Does not make any sense based on what you just told us.

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