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    Hey guys! Back in July I bought Wiley CMAexcel; since then I have barely opened the book. I want to take part one before the end of October. Is two months enough time to study for part one?

    I also find that CMAexcel is difficult to use after studying for the CPA exam with Becker. I miss listening to the videos and lectures over reading the material in the CMAexcel books. CMAexcel also lacks a calendar to help you stay on track with your study schedule. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you overcome these obstacles?

    I was also wondering how the essays on the CMA exam compare with BEC? After reviewing the CMAexcel section on essays; it seems that the essays are much harder and require technical answers. Thoughts?

    Why am I punishing myself with another exam?!? Lol!!!

    REG 80
    BEC 71, 80
    FAR 76
    AUD 67, 83
    I'm done!!

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