CPA & CMA in 1 year

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    All done! Thanks to God. Still feels unreal

    Feel free to ask any questions. Happy to help always


    "And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful .Yes, make our efforts successful"

    Amen 🙂

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    Congratulations!!! That's an awesome accomplishment!. I passed the CPA Exam in November of 2016. I have been studying for the CMA Exam since March of this year. I'm scheduled to take part 1 on February 22, 2018. I'm trying to stay focus, but it's so hard with Thanksgiving and then with Christmas. Hopefully I can pass come February.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 77
    REG - 90
    CMA Part 1 - 360 (Barely made it but I made it)
    CMA Part 2 - 360 (Made it by the skin of my teeth)

    REG - 74, Retook 6/10/16, scored a 72 (Hate this exam)
    BEC - 69, 79, 8/1/15
    AUD - 83, 4/4/15
    FAR - 77, 2/27/16


    Thank you @onmywaytoCPA

    Great you are also taking the CMA soon. Definitely a good way to stand out amongst other CPAs. And that’s a long time studying for the CMA. CMA is not as difficult as CPA and I’m sure you will excel on that too.

    I used Gleim and it was wonderful. Happy to answer any questions and wishing you the best of luck.


    "And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful .Yes, make our efforts successful"

    Amen 🙂


    Congrats and great job QueenCPA! I’ve been studying for part 1 for some time, will probably sit in Feb also. Joined the IMA and paid the entrance fee last week with a pretty sweet discount.

    CPA (2017)

    REG:  75

    BEC:  76

    FAR:  77

    AUD: 78


    CMA (2019)

    P1: 380

    P2: 360

    AUD - 1st - 60 (12/12), 61 (2/13), 61 (8/13), 78! (11/15)
    REG - 55 (2/16) 69 (5/16) Retake(8/16)
    BEC - 71(5/16) Retake (9/16)
    FAR - (8/16)


    How much prior knowledge should one have for passing this within a year? I took and passed Intermediate I but seem to have forgotten some topics. I will be taking Intermediate II soon as I'll be starting my MAcc soon.

    So the CMA is easier than CPA right? If I don't plan on getting into public, is the CPA even necessary?

    And is Gleim good for someone who has a lot to refresh on? Or would something like Roger be better (video lectures) ?


    @jim it doesn’t really matter if you are going into public or not. Most companies won’t promote you to the senior or manager level unless you have a cpa. Whether it’s in risk and controls or general ledger accounting, the cpa is the gold standard across the accounting industry. Just buckle down and get it.


    Hi Jim. So to answer your question, the CPA is worthless is you are in industry. All the CPA exam is is a way to show people you can pass a uniform exam. That is it. Nothing on the exam translates to anything you do in the real world. It is designed to make shallow people feel better about themselves. That is it. Hope this helps.


    @jmm4hd do you say that bc you cannot pass it? If so slow clap for you. Any idiot can pass this test. Shallow or not.

    TX CPA

    Passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam!
    License application in progress


    LMAO “Any idiot can pass this test?” I guess I'm not an idiot! That's a good thing, not to be an idiot.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that the CPA is just something you need for “certain jobs”, or as a networking tool. Last month, I was talking with a friend who is a CPA (got it in 1984), and he's also a CGMA and MBA (wanna talk about a credential that is now pretty much worthless? MBA is it…any idiot can get an MBA from a fully accredited online university.)
    Anyway, I was telling my friend about my job and so forth. He asked, “Did you finish taking the CPA exams?” “No.” “Why not?” “I failed three in a row and it took the wind out of my sail.”
    “So what's next?” “I don't know?” “Do you really need the CPA for your job?” “Not unless I want to get one of the higher-up positions at the company.” “Would that be reason enough to finish it?” “I guess, but I don't know if I have what it takes to be a controller, CFO, whatever.” “Why not?” “Because I really don't think I'm smart enough. If I'd done this at age 25, it would be a different story.” “Sounds like you don't need the CPA anyway so probably best to back-burner it.” “Yeah.”

    Bottom line – CPA is a rite of passage and no, I dont' think much of it is real-world. If you can get thru the rite of passage, it can give you some more opportunities….if you're interested in those. If what you say is true and any idiot can pass the CPA exam, then “can any idiot be a controller or higher-up in the financial division of a company?” Nope….you won't last long if you don't have a very good brain in your head (unless if the company is small and they don't really need you to do anything complex). Lots of stuff in higher-up financial positions that never gets tested on any exams and you had better know your shit – which can be obtained from many years of work experience, and from having natural intelligence.

    Yeah, the CPA is highly regarded. Why, I don't entirely know. There are a lot of things that the AICPA never tells anyone – all very calculated, as to whom they want to be CPAs and whom they don't. As one of my old teachers said about the CPA process, “If you have any doubt about whether or not you should do it, then you should do it.”


    Also bragging about inheriting money? If there is something any idiot can do it is be born and wait for their parents to die. All youve done is highlight all the things you have failed to accomplish. Someone like you is best off inheriting money. The world is not kind to people like you.

    B - 76 A - 76 R - 84 F - 75. Passed by the skin of my teeth!

    Ppl that try to say CPA is a right of passage are funny. It all comes down to money, a CPA increases your earning potential exponentially. That’s why we want one. Not because of anything else really


    @Another72 – that's probably true about the money aspect. If you're an accountant, and have no other way to earn more/extra money than thru your accounting career, then yeah, CPA will get your extra money into the bank faster than any other credential that you could hope to obtain (CIA, CMA, CFE, etc). But some people get it just for whatever level of prestige they assess it to have and they don't think about money so much. Actually that's a better position to take on it. Money should be the least of someone's concerns. The money will come to you, but you have to focus on doing your work really well, not just “Pay me top dollar because I passed the CPA exam and did a year of work under a CPA.”

    I consider it a rite of passage. Which it is, like any board examination. Unless of course, one has the attitude of “any idiot can do it”.


    Bringing this back on 🙂 Any one planning to take the CMA and have any questions about the exam? I am happy to help?


    "And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful .Yes, make our efforts successful"

    Amen 🙂


    I have a question @QueenCPA, I'm in public and haven't really thought about going anywhere else, but I have slightly entertained the idea of going industry. I'm currently a licensed CPA and I'm wondering, how much would the CMA help? I also have my firstborn child coming in June, and I want to enjoy my son and not be a work-aholic, how much studying does the CMA take? I guess I'm asking is the time invested in the CMA exams worth it when a lot of the material is covered in the CPA exams and I could spend that time with my family? I'm legit curious if it's something I should invest in if I go private.

    AUD: 54 (10/31/15); 83 (12/02/17)
    BEC: 70 (01/31/16); 90 (07/02/17)
    FAR: 73 (10/03/15); 88 (02/17/18)
    REG: 83 (06/09/18)
    AICPA Ethics: 91 (06/28/18)
    Licensed: 08/16/18
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