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    mystical guy

    I have 4 degrees and a couple certifications – CIA, CPA, CISA. I was wondering if anyone could recommend the next intellectual challenge I could pursue?

    I have heard that the CFA is becoming “obsolete.” The CMA focuses on Management Accounting, the CFP & CFE are both a joke. Any suggestions for getting a certification that will challenge me, keep me busy when I come home from 9 hour Audit job, and improve my earnings potential in the future?

    Much appreciated….

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    ohio – well that was extremely petty of you. Of course I can afford it, but it involves a little thing called value. Maybe you have heard of it? It means, even $200 if goes unused is WASTED. I prefer not to flush my money, maybe you feel differently. I've seen all of the marketing propaganda from the IMA, which you appear to be quoting directly from, might I add. If you read my post at all, I explicitly stated that my career has shifted AWAY from finance and cost accounting, which is when the CMA did hold some, if little, value; probably worth the dues at that point. Now that I've shifted into high level accounting and consulting, the small value the CMA held for me no longer exists other than trying to impress people with more letters, and that holds about as much VALUE as the CMA itself, which is to say nothing. Don;t be a pathetic IMA parrot, think before you speak (or in this case, type).



    my psychiatrist says i got ADD, OCD, and recently diagnosed with PTSD.

    which one you guys recommend i go for next?




    How many letters do you need writes:

    “the small value the CMA held for me no longer exists other than trying to impress people with more letters”

    Well, that should be par for the course for you then, no change necessary, LOL

    Pray tell what is “higher level accounting and consulting”. I am not IMA's parrot, but I respect the content of their cert. If you don't respect it then it is not for you. I don't have an issue with how many letters you need 🙂

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    Ohio…..and finish the quote come on you can do it! The problem that you do have, actually, is that you are placing value of your certifications based on how difficult they were for you. Which means nothing. I found the CMA somewhat difficult but generally much simpler than the CPA. That's still not what I use to determine value, because as much as I hate to burst your ego filled little bubble, your opinion is not what creates value in a certification. I report to a CEO and consult in the forensic accounting arena. Nobody I've dealt with in the last two years has ever heard of the CMA. The occasional CFO might but they place limited importance on it once you are already a CPA. So tell me why, once again, I should flush 200 bucks a year on a certification that nobody I work with is even aware exists? Oh yes because it was difficult for you…that's right. I'm convinced!




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    @ how many letters,

    Don't get persnickety with me young man! 🙂 You don't even know me 🙂

    I keep insisting that what matters is how many letters you need, not how many letters others think you need, including myself. If you measure your success through the eyes of others, you will never fully succeed.

    As far as the CMA is concerned, or the CPA for that matter, what matters is what you know, not what your clients and your bosses know. If they knew what you know they would not need to hire an expert. It doesn't matter if he's the CFO, CEO or the King of Dubai. You are the accounting professional not him, and the onus of expertise falls on you, including placing relative values on the certifications.

    This is a common refrain on this forum I find. “I am a CPA and know more than my client/family/boss, but they don't listen to me.”

    Well that is their problem, not yours. And if they don't listen to accounting expertise, because they are not experts themselves, how valuable is their valuation of the expertise certifications? Zero.

    So don't listen to me, listen to yourself, and do what you want with the CMA.

    F91 A95 R90 B94
    CMA since 2015
    (Gleim books/PDFs, MCQs, SIMS)


    try getting a license to be an actuary … now that's a challenge!!


    How about the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam? There is some overlap with your CISA study, but the CISSP is much more challenging. You wont be able to add the letters after your name until you have the work experience, but it would look great on a resume.

    Having the CPA, CISA, and CISSP would help you get into (or advance in) the quickly growing and lucrative IT audit field.

    Good Luck!

    -Passed all four sections of CPA exam in 2010 using Becker.
    -Former Seasonal Audit Senior with Big Four accounting firm.
    -Plan to sit for Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)

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