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    Anyone have or studying for the CMA? I just passed and I am thinking about moving on to the CMA this summer. I want to go for my masters but I can’t afford to add another 30K of debt on to my undergrad loans. So I am going to wait a year or 2 before I go back. I don’ t think the CMA can hurt me at all, but has anyone found it beneficial and worth it?

    Wiley CMAexcel Learning System

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    I'm using Wiley and the Gleim CMA mega test bank right now. It's the same set up as CPAExcel. I bought the same two product combo when I did the CPA. You can't go wrong.

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    I have the CMA, got it first about 6 years ago before AICPA came out with the CGMA (it's equivalent to CMA.) Not sure its helpful in industry if you have your CPA. That said, I used Gleim CMA as well as Gleim for the CPA, passed all 6 exams on the first try each.

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Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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