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    Has anyone here used Becker for the CMA exam as well as the CPA? Is it a similar package? If so – what pace did you study at? I would like to take both tests within one window. For the CPA, I did 2 chapters per week. My theory is that the faster you do it, the less time you have to forget it. Anyone know what 2 chapters for the CPA would equate to for the CMA?

    If you used something other than Becker, I would appreciate feedback on that, as well. I looked in the older CMA posts, and it looks like several people used Wiley CMA, but I didn’t see anyone use Becker.


    REG - 83
    BEC - 81
    AUD - 73, 92
    FAR - 90


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    I used Hock book and Gleim CMA Mega Test Bank for CMA. They are very effective. Based on your CPA study, I think you can finish both parts in 2 months. CMA Exan and CPA have many shared topics.

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