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    I am looking to start a self studying for the CMA which is highly important enable to survive at my work, I’m really confused about the best material to buy and start !

    So Can any one “especiall people who has the CMA” advise me about the best material to buy and start my journey with the CMA ?

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    I was wondering this also. I see becker offers a review for $795 I believe, but I want to know from someone who used it how it was and what was included and so forth.


    I used Gleim and passed both parts in 4 month. It worked out well for me.

    CPA, CMA

    Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) 12/17/2014

    BEC 76 (10/3/14)
    FAR 75 (10/24/14)
    REG 83 (4/6/15)
    AUD 75 (4/20/15)
    Anticipated Licensure: August 2016

    CMA part 1 passed (6/15/15)
    CMA part 2 Passed (9/4/15)
    Anticipated Licensure: August 2017


    I used Gleim as well. There is a lot of discussion on this in the CMA strings if you do a little searching. Some people don't seem to like it as much but I went 2 for 2 in the same window (got that discount, ya!) so I can't complain at all..
    I have not been a fan of Becker at all for anything so I personally would not head in that direction. I think Wiley has the “official” study materials of the CMA, or they did last time I checked and have heard a couple good things about them. I would shoot for Gleim or Wiley, with the note that Gleim is WAY cheaper…or it was last I checked. Good luck!



    Becker was worthless – I had to return it. Stick with Wiley.

    Audit- 86 5/27/2015
    Regulation- 89 7/2/2015
    Bec- 83 7/23/2015
    Far- 80 8/31/2015
    Ethics-62, 90
    Part 1: Passed 12/10/2015
    Part 2: Passed 3/11/2016

    CIA- Pass 1/29/16/// CRMA- Pass 2/9/16// CCSA- Pass 2/21/2016/// CFE- Pass 2/29/2016/// CFSA- Pass 3/15/2016


    Thanks all for your valuable feedback, one of my friends as well who passed the CMA and used Gleim, so most probably I am going to buy it and start my journey with the CMA, Wish me a good luck and thanks again.


    Good luck Kim! There is an official CMA thread if you want to visit there from time to time. CMA candidates tend to end up there if you want to ask or discuss anything along the way…



    Is this what everyone here used to pass the CMA?

    seems costly compared to Becker. Thank you for any and all insight


    Wow, Wiley CMA is very expensive!

    Use Gleim CMA if you have a strong accounting background or Hock if you want more in-depth explanations. The other bonus for Hock is that you get updated materials for life. Both are cheaper than Wiley CMA.

    Wiley CMAexcel Learning System

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