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    Past 01/01/2015 AICPA members with 3 years of Management Accounting* experience need to pass an exam in order to receive the CGMA designation. CGMA just released a two-minute video trying to explain what this means.

    A Strategic Case Study in Management Accounting:

    “The CGMA exam is an integrated, comprehensive strategic case study that will assess the competencies required in today’s business environment. Candidates will be required to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to a real-world scenario in order to demonstrate their ability to guide business decisions.

    The exam tests a candidate’s readiness to offer insights and make decisions in real-world business situations. It tests a candidate’s theoretical knowledge, but more importantly tests the candidate’s ability to apply that knowledge.”

    *For more details, see:

    MS Accounting, MBA

    AUD 76 2/25/14 – Becker

    FAR 75 3/8/14 – Becker

    BEC 86 5/3/14 – Becker + NINJA Notes

    REG 84 5/23/14 – Becker + NINJA Notes & MCQ

    CPA MA 7/24/14 #31404 (+ CGMA designation)

    CMA pt1 410 6/28/14 – NINJA BEC book + Gleim MCQ

    CMA pt2 sched 9/2/14 – Hopefully NINJA FAR book + NINJA BEC + Gleim MCQ

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