Certification after CPA

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    Hello everyone – I passed the CPA exam a couple years back (after many many attempts) and am feeling like I am ready for the next challenge. I focused on my professional life the last couple years and recently started a new position at a much smaller company and was brought in to ‘wear many hats’ as they say. I am going to be overseeing monthly close, tax, AR, AP, banking etc. Part of the reason I took the position was to see a larger picture of the accounting function…

    With that being said – I am thinking about what certification I should look into. I’m not afraid of “difficult” or “time consuming” exams/certification, but I would like to avoid more college courses in the interest of saving money. I have done some preliminary research on CTP and the CMA. My goals include: helping my understanding of some of my new roles, building my resume to give me more future options, setting myself up for growth within my org as the company grows

    Any thoughts or comments would be helpful!

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