What would be my best option at trying to get a job at a CPA firm?

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    Some quick details first – based in NYC, have been working at a law firm in the accounting department for 3+ years since graduating from college, and I have passed FAR/AUD (just found out a failed BEC by 2 points, huge bummer, but re-taking next month). In my current job I sorta have my hands in all the different accounting pots (AR, AP, Billing, etc). So my question is, would my best bet be just sending my resume off of the various CPA firms within the city and hoping to hear back? I know that Fall is a big time for recruitment, but is it also a good time to resubmit applications for new hirings? I sorta screwed myself over by not doing the whole recruitment thing in college, but at the time I didnt know if I even wanted to become a CPA. Right now I just feel stuck at my current job and I’m not really sure how to navigate my way out of it. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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    Mike J

    Yes. Apply to CPA firms. Push your CPA exams (passed AUD and FAR w/o scores) to the top of your resume. Google accountant resume. Writeup your experience to match what's there. Then, once you find jobs to apply to, use the ads keywords in your resume.

    Also, reach out to whatever alumni services or career placement office your school has. Setup a profile on handshake. Most schools partner with local businesses to post/dissimulate jobs.

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    Lots of CPA firms are in the Greater NY area, so you're looking at a good geographic area to find those jobs. I would be sure to list on your resume that you're in the midst of the CPA exams.


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    Public is a unique experience but it sounds like you are getting lots of experience where you are. If you can meet the requirements for a license where you are, why change? Why not finish the exams first then decide what’s next?

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    I also agree that you should get your CPA first. If anything, being an “exam candidate” only made it harder for me to get a job because I was now both overqualified and underqualified.

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