What industries are more ‘laid-back’ for an accountant?

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    I’ve been in the accounting field for almost ten years now and am feeling burnt out. My current company constantly goes through acquisitions and new ERP systems. I am just tired and at 35 with two little kids I don’t feel the drive anymore of working long hours. The experience during my twenties was great, but I just want to work somewhere where the financials are more stable and the atmosphere is laid back. I want to do my duties and go home with a company that doesn’t have these ‘exciting’ things going on. I really want to work for a boring company. That being said, does anyone recommend what industry is pretty laid back and more easy-going for accountants? Maybe an education or government setting?

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    I'd look at a privately-held “service” business. After I left public, I worked for a high-end lawn care company. Family owned…100-ish employees…great reputation. The key with a company like this is the CEO and CFO. Are they friendly? Do they seem to genuinely care about their people? That's an indication as to what kind of work culture you'll have.

    This isn't a perfect barometer by ANY means, but … what kind of vehicle does the CEO drive? It gives a little insight into the person themselves. I know guys who drive BMWs because they simply like the car and are completely unpretentious. I also know guys who drive high-end vehicles because it is an image of success. Just some cues I've picked up along the way re: work culture.

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