Surviving That Job From Hell

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    I’ve posted here before, and everybody was very supportive helpful.

    Does anyone have advice for surviving the job from hell and interviewing while working long hours? I’m also wondering how to transition from a not-for-profit to a for profit?

    I’ve been looking for a new position on and off for over a year now. I currently work at a small not-for-profit organization. You would expect these types of organizations to have a relaxed, family type of environment; however, my organization operates like an investment bank. You’re constantly criticized for doing things wrong, even if you do them correctly. Then when you submit said item with the suggested corrections, something else is wrong. You’re work is never good enough. Our CEO yells (literally scolds) me, when I present checks for him to sign. None of those contracts are even ones I’ve entered into; in many cases, I get scolded for the legal bills he incurs by speaking to numerous attorneys.

    In the past year, I’ve gone through 2 bosses; my third boss, who’s started 3 months ago (I really like her – I feel horrible she got tossed into this situation), is about to quit. For many months last year, I was essentially doing the work of three people. We had three people in the department, then two, then just me. Now, we’re finally back to three people; however, I’m still working 10-12 hour days. I’ve made countless accounting mistakes last year, simply because I’m unable to month end, AP, etc. for all 15+ of our buildings by myself. Now the auditors are also questioning everything I’ve done. I was basically tossed under the bus last year by the board, during the last audit; despite all I went through (doing the work of three people), they kept pushing my prior boss to replace me (Luckily she backed me up and didn’t allow that to happen). To top everything off, I make very little money for the amount of punishment that I’m taking with everything. This job literally gives me a sick stomach on Sunday’s.

    Unfortunately, for some reason or another, I can’t easily get interviews. I did land an offer last year; however (somewhat thinking this was a mistake now), I turned it down. The position paid very little and was located over an hour away. I did have four rounds of interviews at another company (paid much higher for a much lower level position), but didn’t receive an offer. After this position I’m currently in, I want to avoid NFPs like the plague.

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    Best advice is to just keep trucking, and keep trying to find another opportunity.
    You could just give up completely and just show up for a paycheck until they fire you, and collect that sweet unemployment.
    I would not work 10-12 hour days for under $100k, no way.
    You're just being taken for a ride at this point, but I assume you have bills to pay and need a roof over your head.
    Expand your search options.
    How much are they paying you now, and what else have you found so far?
    Are you licensed yet?

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    I'm currently an accounting manager and make $55,000 per year (which is pretty low for those hours).

    I received an offer from another organization, which paid $52,000 per year as an accounting manager, but the commute was one plus hours, each way. Had this organization kept the job remote (I gave them that option) or offered more money, I would have jumped at the offer. In addition, I also had a fourth round interview a while back for a senior accountant position, which paid $70,000/year (shows how little I actually make – a position with less responsibility was essentially paying close to 100% more). Sadly, I didn't receive an offer at that company.

    Currently, I get very few interviews, despite my experience. I'm wondering if organizations view the not-for-profit experience in a lower regard as compared to for-profit experience.

    Unfortunately, I'm not licensed yet; despite passing all four sections of the exam. I passed 3 or 4 years ago; however, I lack the experience required for said license. Most firms won't speak to you, unless you're either a campus recruit or have direct experience. I've stayed in touch with a partner from a fairly large firm. Might try to getting him to refer me after tax season.

    B=84 This exam was such a b**** that I thought I failed-don't know how these things work
    A=76 Slacker I am, I'll happily take it
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    Pete, I was reading through CT rules and I think you can do what I did. I got licensed in Montana through Transfer of Grades because I passed exams as a NC candidate but I could not get enough experience under a licensed CPA to meet NC requirements. A licensed colleague attested to my experience once he verified it with my current supervisor who is an attorney-we do tax work and voila I was licensed in MT.
    Once licensed by MT I applied through reciprocity to CO, whose education requirements I could not meet, and I was approved through substantial equivalency. You need to make sure this will work for you in CT. Ask the CT board. If you do not know anyone who can attest to your experience NASBA might be able to do it.
    Having a license will make a difference in your job search. There are so many nonprofits and govt’s that would appreciate your experience and be a better place to work.
    if you get paid sick leave take a week off and relax and refocus. You deserve a break and those bastards need to know how much they will miss you.
    Network through your state’s society too. You might meet someone willing to attest to your experience and find a job.
    Good luck and make change happen. Quit postponing your happiness! You can do this.

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    Hi Pete, not sure if you are also in NY, but in NY N4P are known to have lower pay, and $55K in NY is average, but I don't like the 12 hours.

    If you have been searching for a year and it's not working out, then perhaps you should relook at your strategy. First of all, if you are looking to switch out of N4P you should not over emphasis the N4P part, but rather emphasis your other abilities. You mentioned manage over 15 buildings, so perhaps emphasis this ability and aim to get into building management, or insurance, etc. You also mentioned contract, so perhaps advertise yourself as a contract evaluator, analysis, auditor, reviewer, etc. If your N4P is specialize in research, outreach, etc. (whatever it might be), you could also switch over to for profit, like work in some big brand Microsoft charity department. You should also think about being a consultant…. just think of creative titles.

    It's a good idea to have several different sets of resumes and just go around. I would say come up with some 20 bulletin points and plug them in as needed. Think of an interesting project or achievement that you do that you know will instantly catch the eye of the HR, that will increase your chance of being call.

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