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    Has anybody had success working with a staffing agency? I’m not interested in a temp position but was wondering if anybody has found good employment in accounting with a reputable staffing agency. I have an appointment with Vaco next week to meet someone. I don’t have any accounting experience. Just curious


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    Wow interesting that some people have had a good experience and some haven't. I guess it depends on the company and the person you work with.

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    I have personally been in contact with Vaco and I believe they are good firm for a staffing agency. I feel that my recruiter made a true effort to look for a job that fit my qualifications and still is in contact with me after I've achieved my audit position at another firm.

    However, I DO have one disclaimer for ALL of them in general. Not with Vaco, with another agency with the word “accounting” in it. Staffing agencies do try and to place where you want and where your skills are suited, but let's be real. Their goal is to make money too. More than likely, they get a fee for placing you OR with most contract-to-hire or temp-to-hire, the staffing agency pays you for the first 3 months, if the company wants to keep you, you become permanent.

    Here's a long story.

    Near the end of my internship, I was looking really early to get placed to a temp position because I needed a steady income. Made contact with ALL my recruiters again and said I was looking for a job. I got placed IMMEDIATELY, like literally, I interviewed with the recruiter AND the actual company on Monday. But it was SO fishy, beta recruiter told me it was for a JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT position with room for growth. I interview with the accounting supervisor, she said it was for a BILLING CLERK. I knew something had to be up.

    I had to start on Thursday. Not sure that was the right move because this job was so insufferable to me. This company was insufferable. Within 2 weeks, I wanted to quit and I voiced my concern to my recruiter. Literally, he told me in his email, to suck it up (professional words) and that I'm giving up. I truly felt that my work WAS NOT accounting related and I wanted to go to another place that suited my needs. Beta recruiter told me to call alpha director (who managed the client) and alpha director told me that they had nothing bad to say about me and that he would have received a call if I was performing badly. It was about ONE week until I wanted to quit again and was getting ready to call alpha. Exactly 2 weeks later, alpha director called me on Thursday after work to tell me that they don't want me to come in Friday. After apologizing on the phone, that place has not called me back to help me to find work again.


    They falsely advertised a position for me and practically force me to stay a position JUST SO they can make money. The company paid them $33/hr when I was only $18/hr, so they got $15/hr for every hour I worked. I was led to stay because I needed their resources to find my next job aka I needed money so I stayed. Make sure the company is a right fit for you. Don't rush into things. Be wary when they push jobs onto you, especially ones that take a long time for people to be placed into. Sorry for the long rant and bad grammar. But beware.

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    The vast majority of jobs I've had were through a staffing agency. It's the easiest way to get a job. It's nice to have someone negotiate for you. One issue is, sometimes they lie about the position.

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    I actually didn't have good experiences with recruiters at all especially Account temps and Robert Half.

    One time, I was sent to an interview for a position that was already been filled. I found out because it was on the email thread after I got back from the interview and reread the email thread.

    A few times I had recruiters tell me they had positions open with little or no experience needed. Made me go through the process only to be never heard of again. A lot of these were the Executive Recruiters.

    I once went to a Accountemps recruiter and went through the process. Had an interview and everything. Every few days she kept asking me to send her an updated resume. I mean we just talked a few days ago. I then told her I didn't want to work with her anymore.

    I once had a recruiter who wanted to rewrite may resume and add things that were not true. I told him no.

    I actually had better luck finding my own jobs. I just took a different approach. I'm not saying all recruiters are bad, I just didn't have much luck with them. I had 1 or 2 in my lifetime that did really try help me. It just wasn't meant to be and I found and got an offer days and accepted the later all on my own.

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